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Quest for the sea: celebrate the day of the Black Sea Fleet

The Victory Day opened a series of patriotic holidays in Russia. Another reason to remember what our country is proud of is the day of the Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Navy, which is celebrated on May 13. On that day, in the year 1783, after the annexation of the Crimea to the Russian Empire of Crimea, the first 11 ships of the Azov Flotilla came to the Ahtian bay of the Black Sea.

To serve on a warship and a submarine is the second dream of almost all Soviet boys, after a desire to become an astronaut. However, not everyone can connect their lives with the fleet. Even to visit at least once on a real battle ship - a rare luck.

However, this is not an excuse to give up a dream. If there is no way to go to Sevastopol, then you can choose the right quest in reality.

Classics of the "sea" genre - quest " Escape from the ship from TruExit. You will find yourself on a ship in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean during a terrible storm, ironically locked in one of the compartments of the ship. Get out of there - a matter of life and death, because the water has already begun to fill the ship. Simple, but quite realistic scenery, a lot of sea props, like a life ring and an inflatable waistcoat, will help to plunge into the atmosphere and feel like brave sailors of the Russian fleet.

Another good ship quest is offered by CityQuest. Her " Drowning Ship is a beautiful multi-room space, decorated for one of the decks of a real cruise liner. The game takes place in Russian territorial waters - somewhere in the Baltic Sea. The ship is in distress, and you need to give the SOS signal, and for this - the gapsin the radio cabin of the liner. The game uses original equipment in 1967, and in excellent working order, thanks to which it will be especially easy to imagine yourself in the place of sailors of the Black Sea Fleet.

The Black Sea Fleet is not only ships, but submarines. And get used to them, too, within the framework of the quest in reality. The most realistic one is « Submarine in Moscow from Roomquest. The old, the Soviet, with controllers that can be the same age as the first flight into space, and the schemes in which you have to figure it out, it keeps a lot of secrets. Players can relax a bit in the wardroom, climb the captain's bridge, twist the valves in the engine compartment and make an exciting dive to the sea depths.

If you want something more modern, chooseOpen the quest " Abyss from Barabaka quests. This is also a submarine, but with modern equipment, similar to what is on the modern submarines. Outside, this little yellow barrel immediately reminds the popular song of the band The Beatles, and inside - not the plane, or the racing car. The boat is controlled from a special console, similar to a gamer joystick, and the process of immersing the team will monitor the screen, so that the quest is more like a computer game than on the harsh everyday life of Russian submariners.