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Quest as Teambuilding

Quests in reality are a great way to rally your team and learn to act together, solving complex problems with the help of collective reason. It's not for nothing that this genre has appeared in the countries of Asia, where the corporate culture is developed very much, and the work collective sometimes turns out to be even more important to the worker than the family.

In Japan, Thailand and Singapore, unlike Russia, the colleagues' teams make up a significant share of all & nbsp; visitors quests, and employers are even willing to pay for this entertainment, because they see it as a concrete benefit. And it is true that when the employees of different departments not only learn about the name of each other, but also pass together "fire, water and copper pipes," and without damage to the business in case of failure?

Why go to quests with colleagues? & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp;nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp;

If the collective is initially friendly, then the employees will certainly spend time after work together: they go to cafes and bars, to the cinema or to the ice rink. For them, the quest will be just another unusual entertainment, which they will undoubtedly appreciate. But if all employees are used to leaving exactly at six and call each other by name and patronymic, the quest is a great opportunity to make them learn each other better and learn how to work in extreme situations as a team.

For HR professionals, quests in reality are a real find. They help to identify leaders in the team, to find and work out hidden conflicts in the game environment, to understand which of the employees does not know how to work in a team, and who, on the contrary, is a clearly expressed collective player.

How to choose a quest for a joint campaign with colleagues?

First, pay attention to the maximum amountthe names of the participants in the game. Corporate games usually start from 6-7 people, and there are quite a limited number of such quest rooms even in Moscow. Therefore, immediately sort all available quests for the maximum number of participants and consider only those that are suitable for a large company.

The second, much more subtle moment - the choice of the theme of the game. In Europe and Asia, this is much easier, since the most popular there are historical and adventure quests, which will please almost any player. In Russia, it's easiest to find a horror quest for a big company, but this is not the best idea for a corporate exit. People do not like to show their secret fears, especially to colleagues, and if you do not have the task to rally the collective to such an extent that employees rush to shield each other from a bullet, it is better to choose something quieter.

The ideal option - quests based on your favorite films, historical and literary subjects. AboutThey are done with calculation, including not those players who did not read the book, but did not watch the film, so nobody will feel out of work. Another universal choice is the original adventure scenario or quest-competition. Many of these rooms are initially done with the expectation of corporate parties, so the script prescribes team interaction.

What are the quests in Moscow suitable for team building?

The option that will suit, probably, all - « Bulk: Scout feat " project "Enigma-club". Historical plot, patriotic script and, importantly, a large capacity - up to 10 players - make it almost universal quest for a campaign with colleagues. The labor collective for 75 minutes will have to become an operational group, which was abandoned in German captivity, to scout the enemy's plans and find out the location and fate of the agentStirlitz, who did not get in touch at the set time. For the passage of the quest will need steel nerves and teamwork.

Another quest, also designed to develop teamwork - " Cinema of Oblivion " Claustrophobia ». The maximum number of participants in it is eight people, but their administrators at the entrance to the quest will be divided into two teams who will have to understand each other without words to successfully pass all the tasks prepared by the writers. & Nbsp; The game takes place on a fairly large area, so it will not be very close to the participants. Quite the opposite - riddles and puzzles may seem too much.

If you want to maintain a competitive spirit in the team, & nbsp; send your employees to " Olympiad 2030 " - this is another quest "Claustrophobia", which is also needed pass two teams of four. But this time the participants will not help each other, but fight at speed in dexterity, ingenuity and the ability to get out of the non-standard situation.

A large team for the quest is also not a problem: " Mission:" Crew "of the project" Station MARS "is ready to accept up to 40 players at a time. Of course, they can not work together at the same time, but they will have time to get acquainted and learn how to act together in 120 minutes. Moreover, the mission of the participants will be extremely noble: the colonization of the Red Planet as part of a mixed crew consisting of people and biorobots. Where, if not in the closed space of the spacecraft, to check whether your team is ready for real trials.