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Who plays quests? Statistics

The first quests in reality opened in Moscow in 2013 and literally immediately became an incredibly popular entertainment. Then The bulk of visitors were people who were familiar with computer quests, or friends and acquaintances of the creators of the game, who  received invitations from the creators.

Over time, the social slice began to increase. Information the appearance of a new type of leisure was spreading among the youth, affecting schoolchildren, students, young professionals. Now young people still remain the primary target an audience of quests, they were joined by married couples with children and employees of companies for whom quests are conducted in order to strengthen corporate spirit.

Who's playing the quests? Statistics

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The most extensive group of quests visitors ( about  70%) are people aged 20 to 35 years. Inside this group is divided on two segments: students and young specialists. Students often come play with friends or with your boyfriend / girlfriend. amount participants can vary from 2 to 10, if the rules of the game allow.

The income of this group of visitors is medium and below average, so one of the determining factors for these players, along with with originality and novelty, is the availability of discounts.

Young people over 23 years old, as a rule, prefer to go on quests in the company of colleagues or friends.  They already have several other priorities: the quality comes first  performance of the game, entourage and richness of the plot. These players often others attend horror quests, action games and performances.

The percentage of passing games by this group is on average 17% higher than that of other players.

Who plays in the quests? Statistics

Teams < / h3>

Families usually visit escaped rooms in the 3-4  human. For them, in the first place, the importance of teamwork is important, logical and understandable puzzles and suitable topics. Often family players are happy to visit the location, where several quests are collected and spend there b about most of the day. In view of the age limit  The quest can be visited by children not younger than 8 years, which somewhat reduces the share this group. But, as far as the opening of quests, developed specifically for children, that they already plan to make several large projects, the number of families will certainly grow.

The next group of players are colleagues at work. They play quests in the framework of team building, to strengthen the corporate spirit and joint recreation. This group includes people between the ages of 28 and 45 with an income level  above average. For such players, the quality of the performance itself is important room and riddles, the possibility of teamwork and competitive factor.

Often the company breaks its employees into several teams, and then the one who left the room in the shortest time, gets some kind of reward.

Who's playing the quests? Statistics

In the large cities such as Moscow and St. Petersburg,  a rather significant target group are tourists. Most often, this people aged 18 to 25 years. Considering the intensive development Russian quests, it can be assumed that soon the escapes will become a local attraction, attracting even more visitors.


There is no gender advantage among players, they are equally liked in escapes walk both men and women. Although the quests on military topics, as a rule, enjoys a little less popular among the female half.

It is worth noting that the age range of Russian players is different from European statistics. In Germany, England and the Netherlands, the main the target group are people aged 16-27. Also in these countries, people more than 45 years old often play quests.

Who's playing quests? Statistics

Drawing on the these data can be said that the quests have become excellent kind of leisure, suitable for people of different ages and social accessories. Indeed, to find in Moscow or St. Petersburg a place where a company of 4-6 people could actively spend time and have fun, having spent no more than 5000 rubles on it is not easy.

Separately it is worth noting the fact that the quest can be an excellent option for a family holiday. Embodimented in escapes  system of interactive puzzles and exciting atmosphere will be interesting to people of all ages and social status.

It's hard to find an event that could be as easily simultaneously captivate and children, and their parents, and even grandmothers with grandfathers.  This kind of leisure can soon compete with even the cinema,  because family members are not just nearby, but also interact, together solving riddles.

Who's playing the quests? Statistics