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Contact quests-performances: how to choose and how to survive

More recently, it was difficult to imagine that the quest industry would in reality supply news for the criminal chronicle. And, nevertheless, today it is a fact. For example, just as last week in Saratov, one of the participants of the quest-performance "Turn Not There" was stabbed in the stomach.

No, no one attacked the Questrum, and the knife in the hands of the actor of the quest was in strict accordance with the script. You can say, it was planned. The player jerked unsuccessfully when the "maniac" frightened him with a real knife. The wound was not penetrative, no one wrote to the police, but, nevertheless, the case is not the most pleasant.

Blame the whole "race for extreme", which was recently started by the creators of the quests. And in this respect, the so-called "contact performances" - the latest fashion squeak. For the sake of overcomingThe everyday life of players is watered, chained, electric shocked - in general, they do everything with them for the thrill of breaking the norms of the Criminal Code.

Some kvestomanov (the so-called fans of reality quests) resent these "fashion trends." Someone, on the contrary, is delighted with them. But everyone understands that the creators of the quests are unlikely to give up this approach to organizing entertainment. They are becoming more popular every day. This means that it's time to figure out where the "contact performances" come from and what they are.

It all started with the fact that questmakers (as the creators of quests are called in reality) decided to diversify the habitual approach to the entourage of quests, and began to introduce live actors in the script. Interesting and, at first glance, completely innocent idea: a person with professional training and acting talent (often this is a professional actor) provides additional emotionsand also strengthens some plot moves, completing the quest legend through their replicas.

Pioneer in this genre was the company "Claustrophobia" & nbsp; - a veteran of the Russian crusade industry. The first performance of "Phobia", as it is called by fans, in September 2014 was the quest "Collector" , where the player had to get out of the lair of the maniac. Most of the participants who passed this quest unanimously assured that there were no particularly complicated riddles in the questrum - the logic of the passage and the sequence of actions were lined up quite easily.

But, nevertheless, many players came out (sometimes they ran out or jumped out) from the room completely squeezed out and admitted that at some point they were ready to just sit on the floor, "hug and scream". In short, the performance genre is so impressed and loved ones, and far awayх from the industry of people, that competitors did not keep themselves waiting.

Among the first was the quest "Insania", created by the company Questmakers . He proposed to immerse himself in the memories of a mysterious ghost and find out the reason why the spirit could not rest. Later, in this quest there were variants of "rigidity" of passage. At the level of "Light" the player was waiting for the usual horror, without interaction with the actor or with "contact traps", which could somehow stain or pour for more realism. But in the "Hard" mode the nerves of the questmen were no longer spared: the actor tried to squeeze out of the participants all the adrenaline, sudden light and noise effects made us cry from surprise, and in order to escape from the "soiling objects" the players were offered protective suits in advance.

Among the founders of the genre, which by that time already began to separate from the usual escapein, turned out to be the quest "Inferno" from the eponymous questmaker. Players were asked to investigate the "anomalous zone" where according to legend their friend disappeared. The creators of this questrum also gave visitors protective suits to protect their clothes from unwanted traces after meeting with traps. The actors appeared unexpectedly, frightened the player on conscience, but without significant physical contact.

Seeing the success of this format, many questmakers tried to compete with the old-timers of the market. But they chose the "extensive" way of developing the genre, increasing the area of ​​the quests (sometimes up to several hundred square meters) or introducing several actors into the script. However, practice quickly showed that the main criterion for choosing entertainment, associated with the release of adrenaline, is the fundamental novelty of sensations.

Therefore, the further development of performances was associated with "intthe interaction between the player and the environment. So on the light appeared contact quests-performances - a phenomenon that is still the subject of continuing discussions even among the veterans of the quest industry. And not in vain: in some quests the degree of interaction of the player with traps and actors is limited only by his boldness when choosing the "level of rigidity" of the session.

The use of physical strength varies from ordinary slaps, tweaks and cuffs, to full-blown punches, wringing hands, painful tricks, watering, immobilizing and discharging electric shocks. Now, contact quests can be very different in both the scenario and the ideas, but the "degree of impact" on the visitor, as a whole by genre, can be divided into the following conditional levels:

1. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Light
2. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Medium
3. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Hard
4. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Hard with pain
5. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Exclusive (or VIP)

Depending on the imagination of the organizers, in each of the quests may be present all levels of intensity, or, for example, only the first three. But if you have never been to contact performances before, you should approach the choice of the first such room with extreme caution.

It should be remembered that in quests where the main (or only) "entertaining moment" is contact with the actor, even the medium-mode may seem to beginners too harsh.

To avoid spoilers, we only note that puzzles and puzzles in such quests may seem quite simple, but they will not be solved quickly anyway: active physical interaction with maniacs and monsters is an integral part of the process and greatly distracts from puzzles. / p>

Therefore to begin to try their hand can be in contact performances, which do not imply special cruelty to the player. According to the experience of the teams working with the Questme project, such quests can include quests-performances, "Secrets of the Estate-2", "Inferno", "In isolation", "Wax", "Mad House" or Insania 2.0 (an updated version of one of the quests-pioneers of the genre). Here the entourage will be quite intimidating, to get the necessary dose of adrenaline, but contact with the actor will hardly leave unpleasant impressions even for beginners.

If such entertainments were to their liking, then you can venture on performances harder, like & nbsp; Insania 2.0 & nbsp; (not to be confused with Insane), "Evil" , "Loop", "In the Mouth of Madness ", " Abandoned House "," On the Edge. " If you want to test your durability, but not readys to the "full thrash", that is, the sense to order for these quests level Hard or Hard with pain.

Before going to such a questrum, you need to tune in and convince yourself and friends that this is just a game, and professionals will work with you, who will not allow serious incidents. True, directly on the location this simple thought will still slip away from time to time - this is exactly how the proverb is explained: "fear has eyes big".

If these quests left positive impressions on you, then the genre of contact performances is really yours, and you know exactly what kind of adventure you're on. In this case, you can proceed to such quests as "Last Tour", "Tin", Screamed 2, Hostel. Be ready to show miracles of dexterity and ingenuity that you would be dragged, choked and beaten with an electric shock slightly less than the rest of the team.

If this is not enough for a good shake, then, you were in those 5% of the quests, for which the acuity of sensations became the meaning of the campaign for the quest. In this case, you can always choose "exclusive mode". It can be called differently. In the same "Hostel" he was given the name "Stalingrad", and in the quests "Rent an apartment" it is called "Constellation of a monster". The conditions of such regimes are usually negotiated individually.

However, even if the performance of "medium contact" seemed to you an excessive intrusion into your personal space, do not try to overpower yourself and do not yield to the persuasions of friends: it's not yours - it means not yours. Thrills and adrenaline should not be liked by everyone. You can very well try something out of the format of "fearless performances ", where preference is given to other options for pastime and emotions : you can run, shoot or survive some unusual situation - the choice here is also great. Of the popular quests in thisgenre can be mentioned Strip Club and "Something" (both are "18+"), , "Saboteur" , dedicated to the events of the Great Patriotic War, " Instinct ", where the awesome part is significant, but what happens is rather the format " Action " or" thriller "," Smuggling ", where the team of players is taken hostage or" Clean Mind ", where you become" guests "of a mental hospital.

For fans of role-playing games and large teams there are quests like "Zombilend" or "MSK2048", where everyone can become a participant in a full-fledged interactive action. & nbsp; Fortunately, the Russian market already has a sufficient number of quest rooms for every taste, and in our ranking , you will easily find a genre and topic that you like.