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By the Victory Day: the best quests about the Great Patriotic War

What is Victory Day for you? The parade on TV, the St. George ribbon on the chest and the evening fireworks? Someone will go to the Eternal Flame on May 9, someone - with a portrait of the great-grandfather in the column of the Immortal Regiment, someone will visit the veterans. But what to do when the carnations are entrusted, the procession is over, and the front 100 grams do not want to be turned into half a liter, so as not to pollute the holy day for Russians with drunkenness?

Every year this holiday from us is farther: most of the inhabitants of our country know about the war only from history textbooks and Soviet films, which they learned by heart and do not cry over them for the first time. We offer you two in one: feel the horrors of the war on yourself, to understand what price our grandfathers won, and, at the same time, to hold the holiday interestingly and informative: go to the thematic quest in reality. And if you are luckyYou can defeat the fascists in the game, you will meet with a completely different attitude on May 9, like real winners.

This year marks another anniversary of the battle for Moscow, so the first quest in our military compilation " 1941: The Battle for Moscow from IndieQuest. The script, based on the real events of November 1941, cinematic scenery, props, corresponding to the era: this questum really gives a complete immersion in the events of the Great Patriotic War. You will be defending the Motherland with the help of mock-ups of weapons that were in the arsenal of our army in the 1940s, and the girls will be able to master the profession of a nurse, figuring out the first aid kit for a bullet wound.

If you prefer not to sit in the trenches and dugouts, but the intelligence service, go to the quest " Saboteur " from CityQuest. The war is in full swing, and not to let the GermanYou will have to enter the headquarters of the Third Reich and steal the map with the plan of the offensive of the fascist army. By the way, the actor is involved in the game, and the ending in the quest is an alternative, so the outcome of the war is not a foregone conclusion. Despite the fact that you know exactly how the Great Patriotic War ended in reality. & nbsp;

Another quest for the difficult everyday life of Soviet intelligence - Bulk: Scout feat from Enigma-club. This is already the events of 1945. The war is nearing completion, largely thanks to the chief informant of the Soviet country in the German command - agent Stirlitz. And suddenly the center lost contact with him. Your group is being thrown into German captivity, so that there, on the spot, you figure out what happened to & nbsp; Stirlitz, and, at the same time, collected the missing intelligence. The game runs untilup to 75 minutes, but you will not be bored: a multi-room two-story space is filled with complex and interesting riddles.

For the most courageous and desperate there is a quest " Gestapo " of the questsmaker "The Locked". After inhuman tortures, your team will have to escape and not just for that, but taking with them secret information about the plans of the fascists. The decorators tried to make the entourage as authentic as possible: besides flags with a swastika and a bust of Adolf Hitler, real pieces of the 1940s and paraphernalia of the Second World War are used here.

If you are going on a weekend in St. Petersburg, go to the Zasov team's quest " In August 44 ». Atmospheric location with a lot of props, including mock weapons of the times of the Great Patriotic War, and really very complex puzzles - even experienced players complain that the mission to blahFatherland is given to them with great difficulty. The task is to get into the German field headquarters and get information about the impending sudden attack on our positions.