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Who to go to work for Questrum

No matter how many games you play, there will always be few. So why not devote the whole life to the quest? To begin with, go to work in the Questrum, and then, quite possibly, open your own. We figured out what kind of specialists are being searched for by the organizers of the quests, how much they are paid and what they need to be able to get to work in the Questrum.

Quest Administrator

The most common vacancy on the market is, of course, the quest administrator. And all because without it there is literally not a single Questrum. The range of responsibilities they have is the widest and depends on the complexity of the quest, the flow of customers and the number of different rooms in the location.

The administrator will have to answer calls and write down customers on the game, meet guests, help them with placing things in lockers, take payment for the game and lead the wayssu, and also escort to the room, along the way telling the legend of the quest. And after the game - to photograph the players and upload their photos to social networks or to the site of the quest. And all this - with a smile on his face.

In addition, some owners of quests impose on the administrators the duty to lead the questrum in order after the players, and sometimes even "lead" the game. However, as with such a circle of duties to meet the next team or answer the calls of lost players - it is unclear. Only if the flow of customers is small, and there are no consecutive games in one room.

Salary : 25-40 thousand in Moscow, and 12-15 in the regions, depending on the terms of reference.

Quest Operator

Solid quests, except for the administrator, must be taken into the operator's staff: this is a person who monitors the game through the video surveillance system and "guides" players, periodically giving them clues as the game progresses. It is on his professionalism that theatmosphere in the quest and impressions of the guests. Ability to give clues not in the forehead, but with hints, considering the scenario and style of the quest, orientation in an unconventional situation: for example, players climbed into the non-gaming part of the quest, and you need to return them without destroying the atmosphere with cries of "where are you climbing, this makes the game operator superprofessional.

If the flow of clients on the quest is small, then the administrator can easily cope with the duties of the operator and vice versa. However, if the commands are written tightly, one by one, and the quest is quite complex and requires continuous attention to the process of passing the game, then "lead" the team should a special person. He, most often, then brings in order the quests and restarts technical riddles.

Salary : from 40 thousand in Moscow, in regions these duties are most often performed by the quest administrator

Quest actor

A good addition for students of theater universities - become an actor in the quest. There is no hard script and almost full scope for improvisation, but this does not mean that it's enough to walk around in a suit and frighten players from time to time. It is not for nothing that in a theater environment performances in which actors interact with a hall are considered the highest aerobatics skills. Such an actor should be not only a good face-off, but also a subtle psychologist who feels his audience.

Since almost all the quests with actors are horror, you never know how players will react to a stressful situation. Therefore, the work turns out to be risky: suddenly a fragile girl with a fright shrieks you in the image of a zombie with something heavy on her head.

Salary : Payment almost always - per game and depends on the role of the actor in the quest and the time that he will be involved in the quest.


Modern quests are becoming more and more high-tech, and so mix the details of the puzzle, close the hiding places and the sabThe code on the lock is not enough to bring the questrum in order for the next team. In complex quests, this job is not handled by an administrator or an operator, but by a jack of all trades.

The tasks of such a superhero engineer include correcting minor breakages, restarting the quest, replacing the corrupted props and other similar household trivia. You need to be really a jack of all trades: to be friends not only with a screwdriver and a hammer, but with a soldering iron, to be able to handle the latest gadgets (virtual reality glasses, audio keys, touch panels) and generally be a little turned on technique and electronics.

Salary : depends on the assigned tasks and the number of quests served on the location. In Moscow, it is possible to supply about 30-40 thousand rubles, and in the regions it is more likely to work for students with hourly pay

Animator for children's quest

Children's quests conquer the market, and with them a newprofession & nbsp; - Animator in the quest. This work is something between the actor and the operator, because on the one hand the animator should be "in the image" and maintain the atmosphere of the quest, and on the other - lead the children's group on the quest, periodically giving clues if the children can not cope with the task themselves .

For this kind of work you will need an actor's talent, a love for children and the ability to handle them, wit, and sometimes even physical training. Similar vacancies are still few, but every year the market for children's quests is growing more and more, so if you can do it all, you will not stay without work.

Salary : in Moscow, hourly pay 1000-2000 per game