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How the Stars Play Quests

Quests in reality appeared in Russia only two years ago, but managed to gain popularity among people of different ages and professions. " Escapepairs" attract both young people looking for new experiences, and families that thus diversify their leisure time.

They loved to play quests and stars. We asked the actress Maria Bersenev, the singer Rodion Gazmanov, the actor of scoring Petr Glants and other celebrities to tell about their experience of passing quests, remember the games and imagine the perfect " escape the room."

Artemy Lebedev, designer

How the Stars Play Quests

My friends opened the quest offline and called to test. Like a real quest, only real. You are locked in a room, where you can do anything with anything you like, use objects and hints for getting keys and transitions further on the script. The task is to guess all the puzzles and go outside in less than an hour.

Great entertainment for four, although the two of them would be interesting to try. It's a pity, that the room can be passed only once ( second  just not interesting). I want to have a whole building of 50 apartments, to go to a new quest once a week. It's just a whole new industry  entertainment could be.

Maria Berseneva, actress

How the Stars Play Quests

I play quests not so long ago. It all started with the fact that his son was given a certificate for his birthday. The first quest was " Jailbreak" of the company " Questrum."  We passed it and got so many pleasant impressions that I wanted to  play more. Now my friends and I have already formed our own team, we play regularly - a total of about 15 games.

Quests make me have a lot of impressions: fascinating stories, incredible scenery. Each game is not like the previous one: abandoned laboratory, hotel room where the writer killed his life suicide, the lair of a maniac.

The quest " Secrets of the Middle Ages" Games  Reason ". Impressive, believable atmosphere of a medieval castle, amazingly interesting puzzles - it was an incredible experience. However, none of the quests I've been through has disappointed me. All of them were fascinating and atmospheric.

" Escape of the room" is an excellent Entertainment that suits thirsty for emotions and adventures to people, curious, contact, and ready for experiments. In the quests will be It is interesting to play families, couples in love and just friends who want to have a good time, test your intellect and do something together.

In general, quests are a wonderful pastime. With pleasure I will play them further. Soon I will be shooting in Ukraine and, if there is such an opportunity, I will definitely go to the quest and there.

Petr Glantz, voice actor and presenter

How the Stars Play in the quests

I've been playing quests for a long time, for about 30 years. At first there were text quests, then computer games, and in the last year I got acquainted with the quests in reality. " Escape the rooms,  of course, much shorter than computer quests, and it's very me frustrating. On the toy can spend a few days and even weeks, and the quest in reality ends in an hour.

In the " escapes" more variety in the puzzles and, to solve them, you need to apply not only the available knowledge, but " strain  brain". In addition, quests in reality provide such an immersion, which can not give any computer game!

While I passed about ten rooms, I think I will play more. I would like to someday play the " escape"  with a lot of rooms, the passage of which will take several hours, with a variety of types of puzzles: electronic, mechanical, interactive gameplay, the use of modern technologies. And I I think that soon such quests will appear - this is entertainment became very popular, and the creators' investments will increase.

I would also like to have more locations, where several quests. That there was a place where you can come for a whole day. To play, a bite to discuss the game. This format is perfect for a family  recreation. Children and adolescents will be especially interested - for them it is a real adventure.

Rodion Gazmanov, the singer

How the Stars Play Quests

My first experience in the quests was about a year ago, since then I have passed 8 more rooms. Quests are a team game where success depends on the distribution of responsibilities and the actions of the participants. During passing curious to analyze the situation around, to find tips and try to understand the logic of the creators. And the more you play, the easier it turns out to do.

I liked the new formats of the game to a lesser extent, in my opinion, Participation of an actor, increasing the size of quests or playing time is excessive " embellishment." At the moment, I like solving puzzles within the classic " escapes."

Artem Korolyov, TV host

How the Stars Play Quests

I play the quests not so long ago, while I was only in 5 rooms. More often I go play with friends. Sometimes it happened to lose, but the impression is  Do not spoil. I'm interested in the process of the game itself, its entourage and plot. I would like to someday get on the quest on the plot of Harry Potter, and also to visit some high-tech quest and, possibly, horror. I had to go to the quests-performances, where the actor participates in the game. But this format distracts me more.

Vladimir Shahrin, musician, leader of the group " Chaif"

 How stars play quests

The leader without exaggeration of the cult Ural rock band " < / span> Chaif ​​»Vladimir Shahrin is not just a lover of quests, but also the owner of one of them. Not so long ago the musician discovered in Yekaterinburg a quest called " Sherlock. "

The project is not something like " from scratch": this quest is a franchise. That is exactly the same ( Well  almost) there is a quest in Moscow. Daughter of Alexander Shakhrin, managing director business, claims that in the Urals, the quest is carried out in strict accordance  with the Moscow " escaped": the quality of decoration at height.

Shahrin himself likes quests. According to him, in Russia this kind of entertainment is very easy to get accustomed, because solve puzzles - the basis of the national character of Russians.

" I supported [the opening of the quest] financially and morally. Quest - this is a very Russian entertainment, because we, Russians themselves are used to seek solutions to their problems, "says musician.