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How to get to the cinema: quests for your favorite movies

How to get to the cinema: quests for your favorite movies Want to go inside your favorite movies? No, not on a set or in an attraction at a film studio, but to become his hero himself, and, perhaps, change the plot's course? Especially for this questomans around the world have created games in the genre "Escape from the room" based on your favorite films. Here, and tales, and thrillers, and adventure comedies for every taste in different corners of the planet.

"Harry Potter "

To plunge into the life of the school of sorcery and the magic of "Hogwarts" from the films about the boy-magician Harry Potter can be found in quest-rooms Escape Club in Sydney, Astralia. "On the night of the full moon, a group of mysterious wizards visited Hogwarts. They will fall into the Wishroom and reveal the secret artifacts of the Circle of Death ", - so describe the game its creators. 50 minutes in the world you are provided with magic. In Russia, and, more precisely, in Moscow, too, there is a game of "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows." So if you do not want to go far, choose domestic version.

"The Black Swan"

Darren's psychological thriller peeks through the holes Aronofsky, for which Natalie Portman received an Oscar? Then go to Richmond, Canada: there is a quest , the creators of which were inspired by this masterpiece of world cinema. Before the way to lock you in the room, the presenter will tell you that the daughter of a local millionaire was preparing to perform the main role in the play "Swan Lake" when she was found dead in her own dance studio. A grief-stricken father wants to find out what happened to his girlfriend in fact.


Still crying, when you see how Jack and Rosa stand on the nose of the giant "Titanic"? Then you should go through it yourself. In Canada, St. John's is the capital Province of Newfoundland and Labrador - there is a quest room , in which you can go back in time. You will only have 45 minutes before the collision ship with an iceberg, and during this time you need to be in time to warn the captain.

"Da Vinci Code"

Dan Brown's book and the film shot on it became the basis for a good dozen quests around the world: in Canada, the Netherlands, Scotland, USA, Australia, Austria and other countries. But so far to go is not it is necessary - quest with riddles da Vinci is also in Moscow. You will go to the museum of Leonardo in search of the Holy Grail and unravel all the secrets and mysteries of the great the inventor.

"Bondiana "

Between the James Bond films, rehearse it the key phrase in front of the mirror? And how about helping an 007 agent struggle against evil? Moreover, assistance, according to the scenario of this quest in Toronto, Canada, he will need very soon: Bond under cover was sent to the rear of the enemy, but lost contact with the headquarters. You must finish what started 007 and prevent the enemy from capturing you.

"Pirates of the Caribbean"

Especially for the saga fans about the adventures of the desperate pirates and captain Jack Sparrow, in Dusseldorf, Germany, created the quest " Pirates The Caribbean Sea ». You will be trapped in the cabin of one of the leaders pirates, and there is not much time to escape. In addition to the key from the door, it would be nice find and capturewith a map of the treasure, which the old captain hid. Then from pirate captivity you will leave not only alive, but also fabulously rich!

"The farther into the forest"

Kinomizikl "The farther into the forest" not only caused a storm ovation among the audience, but also inspired the Dutch quests to create a theme room in Amsterdam on the motives of the picture and fairy tales of the brothers Grimm: "Little Red Riding Hood" "Jack and the beanstalk," "Rapunzel," and "Cinderella." You have to remove a curse from an evil witch, because only so you can leave the fairy world and get out from the forest.

"Item destination "

You already know what will happen, but do not know how it is stop. It is for this scenario that all the films of the series "Point destination ". The film has survived five rebirths on the screen and one - in quest room in Toronto. You will have only 45 minutes to leave the plane, which certainly falls down. It remains to understand how to do this.

"The Lord Rings "

Remember the little hobbit Frodo, who passed a long way to Mordor to destroy the ring of power? Now this mission is assigned to you . In Moscow A quest was opened based on the trilogy "The Lord of the Rings". Together with my friends - the team of the Keepers of the Ring - you have to go through the city of elves, dungeon dwarves, visit the forest elves, fight with the evil spider and, finally, unravel the riddles of Ordruin.

"Rosemary's Baby"

This psychological thriller became one of the most famous films by Roman Polanski and was awarded many prestigious awards, in Tomnumber of "Oscar" for the best female role of the second plan. Help Rosemary to understand what is happening in the accursed house, you can also: such a quest has already appeared Bucharest, Romania. What's wrong with her little daughter? The only way find out this - solve difficult riddles and not go crazy with horror for an hour in this eerie room.