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How to go to space without leaving Earth

On April 12, humanity marks the International Human Space Flight Day. In our country, it is called Cosmonautics Day, and has long been a truly national holiday. It was our compatriot Yuri Gagarin who was the first to be there, outside the earthly atmosphere, in a black void.

Many people want to go to space, but only a few can realize a dream. To become a professional cosmonaut you need to have excellent health and learn for years, and then you can not fly. Space tourism is expensive, and flights in weightlessness - a weak substitute for dreams of space - is too expensive for ordinary people - about 150 thousand rubles.

And yet, to touch the stars and even land on the moon can not only billionaires and rare lucky ones from the cosmonaut corps - on the quest in reality. Let and "not for real": there and then the main emotions, and they will be over the edge. In Moscow there are about two dozen space quest quests: from prand they are designed for hiking with children, to the most high-tech, with touch panels, robots, spacesuits and virtual reality glasses.

Gagarin's flight lasted 108 minutes. Yours will be a little less - 60 minutes, but without overload (except that intellectual). The highest ratings are in the quest " Dark Side of the Moon from TruExit. This is your chance to make our country a pioneer not only in space, but also on the moon. The ship on which you fly, equipped with techniques in the spirit of the 1960s, is a rare opportunity to fully feel yourself as Yuri Gagarin. « Space pilgrims " from QuestHub is suitable for those who like mechanical tasks. To solve all the puzzles, you will have to rotate a lot in the hands of each artifact that will be foundI'm in the questrum.

And if you watch fantastic films not so much because of new technologies, but because of the pleasing eyes of the minimalistic design of space vehicles of the future, you in & nbsp; « Space Odyssey » Claustrophobia. Here you can safely come with children of adolescence and be sure - after that they will definitely want to become cosmonauts.

New to the market - quest " Mission" Orion "- has not yet managed to win the sympathy of the players just because it opened just the other day. The reviews of the testers are enthusiastic, as are the reviews of the first players. The organizer of the quest "Serious Games" company is famous for its high-tech solutions, and in "Orion" they also have more than enough. A great place for avid gamers.

And two more quests with high ratings: « Mission" Altair "from the Memory Labyrinth (like the fans of robotics) and « Terra Incognita " Claustrophobia (here besides cosmos you will also visit other planets). And those who want to get an avatar in the spacesuit by the next Cosmonautics Day, we advise you to visit the quest " Space Station " of World Of Quests - After the game, the organizers offer participants to make a memorable photo in a special soft suit.