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How quests are used for advertising

Promote the product excitingly and with passion - the necessary skill for any marketer. That's why they like to introduce their advertising into the entertainment industry. Product placement, native advertising in the media - this we have long been accustomed to. And of course, the promotion specialists could not help but replace the growing popularity of the quests in reality. And do not try to use them for your own purposes.

Advertising quests, which a couple of years ago were on the market a huge rarity and innovation, now - a common thing. Someone just pays the organizers for putting their product in the quest room, like in movies and serials. Someone organizes collaborations and builds the advertised product into tasks, so that players not only see it, but work with the product during the quest. And someone and at all by means of quests tries to change a way of thinking of the target audience. How successful it is, let's figure it out.

Advertising Quests in the West

Western marketers are often one step ahead, or even two ahead of domestic ones. Therefore, in Europe and the United States, advertising quests have become commonplace. And this is not just a product demonstration: advertisers want players to learn to use what they will pay for later, and have time to evaluate all the merits of the product.