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Escapes in Los Angeles \ О квестах \ How is it done. Interview with the creators of the quests. P.4

How is it done. Interview with the creators of the quests. P.4

Quests in reality are derived from the genre of computer games "get out of the room" ( about this a little earlier we have already told you). The first quests in reality appeared in the early 2000-ies both in Asia and in Europe.

In Russia, the first escaped room was opened at the end  2013. To date, only in Moscow there are about 350 quests. Their number is constantly increasing, offering visitors a huge selection of scenarios, genres and levels of complexity.

We asked the creators of several Russian and foreign quests to talk about how escape chains are created, tested and worked, how much is the construction of the quest and where in the world are the best quests.

Today, Dmitry Rakitsky, the founder and CEO of the Questrum

Serious games

How it's done: Interview with the creators of quests.

About my own quest

Most of my life I and the managing partner of Stanislav Zgonnikov before the opening of the club engaged in the development of mobile games. Market " escape rooms"  for us also was more than a sign - we studied how quests are done European teams, tried to learn from experience. As a result, when creating First location, we already knew exactly what the project should be, and confidently began to implement it.

Now our club on Lihovoye lane - these are four excellent and popular quests, and two more on the approach. At the same time on Baumanskaya we are building another 14 rooms in a room of more than 1500 m2 - this will be a fantastic game space in Moscow, these are serious games.

About the command

How it's done.

First quest " Mexican robbery"  we did for six months. Quickly reformatted the team, all caught fire  idea, and we launched the first location in the already ready club. To create the first location, we spent more than 7 million rubles.

10 people participated in the preparation and launch. Now the situation has not changed much, over 12 people are working on creating one room " on a turn-key basis" -a team of game designers, programmers, installers, props and artists. In total there are about 50 people in the state.

Stas and I are completely immersed in the process of creating quests at all levels. Until now, with all of our employment, we are burning " internal  kitchen »quests and try as much as possible and necessary help and tell the team how to improve the script, we suggest options for the development of innovative mechanisms or more interesting riddles.

We have a team of our official superheroes - these are 25 teams, who are testing new locations. They have different expectations and views about games, some - experienced kvestomanami, others - played a couple of times in life, but they all have a positive attitude and experience our quests for all  criteria.

About money and self-sufficiency

How it's done.

The club on Lihovoy Lane is now able to support itself. And while there are only 4 quests, two more are coming. At Bauman we build another 14 rooms. Serious games will be the biggest club of quests in Moscow.

Now without serious investments we have a constantly growing kernel fans who have passed all the quests, as well as excellent returnability is the absolute majority of players who come to the club for the first time, come back for the second and third time.

Now we have these rooms: " Mexican robbery," " Puppet Master, " The Mystery of the Middle Ages" and Curse  Ramses. " This year it is planned to open 5 more locations, but already in a new, second in a row, club in Moscow. Next year 8 more. As you can see, the plans are huge.

About technologies and an occasion for pride

How it is done. Interview with the creators of the quests. Part 4

We are proud of all rooms without exception. In my opinion, the most difficult was the location, which we opened in July, is " Curse  Ramses. " There, with technologically sophisticated devices, neighbors mechanical puzzles, and the scenery took a lot of strength from our props and artists. Although it is difficult for me to call the filling of rooms with decorations, we  initially we try to be as realistic as possible in creating locations:  we use real stone, wood, iron.

Imagine, for the quest " The Curse of Ramses" we had to cover all the walls with real sand and put hieroglyphics on them. This is a tremendously difficult job.

Still our operators do not interfere in the game process, since all our tips are automated and given to players as a story the component of the quest, by all the known voices of the actors of the film dubbing and television. It is also important to note the logic of everything that is happening in the quests: the players unravel not what the designer came up with, but use everyday logic, as in life.

About Russian quests

How it's done.

In Russia, quite original quests, they are difficult to compare with the western. But our rooms are definitely not worse, and sometimes many times  surpass the Western counterparts.

In the Russian market of quests in reality, the number one problem is the set of " garbage  rooms ", the creation of which the organizers do not want to spend big money. As a rule, these amateurs, admiring the idea and decided, that this industry has a very low entry threshold: a group of friends can throw off, rent a cellar on the outskirts of the city, paint the floor and the ceiling, buy furniture in IKEA and quickly open the Questrum.

Poor quality rooms are a problem that hits for professional and strong market players. So, the person who came for the first time to play in such a room, almost certainly will beat a desire to play elsewhere.