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Escapes in Los Angeles \ О квестах \ How is it done. Interview with the creators of the quests. P.3

How is it done. Interview with the creators of the quests. P.3

Quests in reality are derived from the genre of computer games "get out of the room" ( about this a little earlier we have already told you). The first quests in reality appeared in the early 2000s, both in Asia and in Europe.

In Russia, the first escaped room was opened at the end  2013. To date, only in Moscow there are about 350 quests. Their number is constantly increasing, offering visitors a huge selection of scenarios, genres and levels of complexity.

We asked the creators of several Russian and foreign quests to talk about how escape chains are created, tested and worked, how much is the construction of the quest and where in the world are the best quests.

Felix Erzinger, Lucas Haas, Escape Room Basel », Basel, Switzerland, speaks with us today

About your own quest

Felix and Lucas, two fellow engineers, opened their quest "Room Escape" in June 2014 years. At the moment one room "Library" works, where for 60 minutes to players, after returning In the past, the mysteries of the ancient city of Basel have to be solved. to get out. The cost of the game varies depending on the number participants, from 75 francs ( 4 500 rubles) for two participants, up to 175 francs ( 10 000 rubles) for the team from 6 people. For couples with children there are discounts.

"Traveling in Serbia, I first visited the escape-room -  says Felix, - it was such an amazing experience that the idea captured me and, returning home, I offered my friend Lucas do something like that.

Every day, meeting at dinner, we developed a business plan  and the design of the room. We selected a suitable room, wrote a script, then went to play in other cities to gain experience. Before, we did not play quests in reality, did not get carried away by computer games, in generalwere far from the topic, so I had a lot of study.

About the command

How it's done.

Since we are both engineers, to understand the principles of the operation of geocaches and in the riddles it was interesting. It was more difficult to think about design. On this We addressed a lot to friends for advice, studied the interiors other quests. "

Since Felix and Lucas have the main job, the quest became for them hobby, the opportunity to realize an interesting idea and at the same time receive additional income.

"We had to build a quest in our free time, on weekends and in the evenings. It took several months to create it, "- says Lucas. - This was the first project, and although we tried minimally to invest in repair and decoration of premises, expenses still exceeded the planned.

But we perfectly understood that the worst partit can happen is a loss  initial capital. However, things went even better than we expected.  We expected that 3-4 weeks of play should take place in a week. But, already in two weeks the quest was on the fourth place in the rating of the site TripAdvisor, and a day passed at least 4 games. "

About the benefits for the country

How it's done.

According to Felix, the quest even increased the influx of tourists into the city. - "Visitors say that they specially come to Basel to pass our  escape-room. Therefore, we envisaged the ability to play the quest in German or English. Such a step allowed to reach a large target audience. "

The quest was loved by both tourists and couples. In addition, he became a popular place for corporate trainings. - "We cooperate with one of the restaurants that is located nearby. Addition mutual advertising, especially for corporate clients, they offer a special "dinner quest", which can be visited after the escape-room. "

Also, in one building with a quest there is a conference hall, which allows you to create ready-made solutions for training, conferences and other business meetings.

About children and advertising

How it's done.

We also developed a special package for children. First, there is a system of discounts, and secondly,  we simplified the passage of the quest - players are given more clues, too,  If necessary, the command can be accompanied by an operator. This increased flow of customers to a quarter.

In addition, after going to the quest, children tend to actively tell about it to parents and friends, they write on social networks, and as a result, attract even more visitors. No advertising can be so sincere and effective, as a personal opinion, so we try stimulate players to share their impressions. "

About quests as work

How it's done.

Now the company employs 5 people, in the near future is planned increase the staff to seven. All employees are students. They are convenient to combine work with study and easier to find a common language with visitors.

"Since Lucas and I did not plan to leave our main job, The need for hiring of employees arose immediately after the opening. It's funny, but we did not even have to post a hiring announcement, rumors about the project so quickly flew through the city that people stretched themselves. New resume  come regularly, many want to work with us.

Our operators say that this is a pleasant job, they like to help  clients, unobtrusively suggest, and then see how happy winners. For all of us, luthe feedback about the quest is a good mood players, their enthusiasm and at the same time regret that the mystery is solved and they will not be able to play again.

About tourists

Sometimes, if players are unsure of English or German,  there are difficulties. Operators can not easily guide players, but, as a rule, everyone cope. "

Lucas says with a smile, - "One day a group came to the game tourists from the Middle East, they did not speak, neither in English, nor in German, but, to our surprise, the quest passed! And after literally showered us with thanks and compliments. "

About the future

How it's done.

Now, a year after the opening of the quest, its founders are planning open the second room. "Although for us it is still a hobby, but in the intervening time there have appeared so many new ideas, and the demand turned out to be so  high, hthen you can not stop on one quest. Especially, that there was an opportunity, having invested more money, to make a quest more technologically and atmospheric ".

Speaking of the world market escape-rum, the creators point out that it is in Russia that one of the most expensive and challenging quests. "In our opinion, the market in Europe is saturated not so much as in Russia. Here the quests are not such a fashionable kind of leisure, rather, it is chosen by couples and teenagers.

There are several large franchises that have opened escapes in different countries, and even on different continents, but Russian companies can make them a serious competition, given their pace of development and financial investments ".