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Escapes in Los Angeles \ О квестах \ How is it done. Interview with the creators of the quests. P.1

How is it done. Interview with the creators of the quests. P.1

Quests in reality are derived from the genre of computer games " leave the room" ( about this a little earlier we have already told you). The first quests in reality appeared in the early 2000s, both in Asia and in Europe.

In Russia, the first escaped room was opened at the end  2013. To date, only in Moscow there are about 350 quests. Their number is constantly increasing, offering visitors a huge selection of scenarios, genres and levels of complexity.

We asked the creators of several Russian and foreign quests to talk about how escape chains are created, tested and worked, how much is the construction of the quest and where in the world are the best quests.

Today we are talking with Alexander Hirschfeld, Commercial Director of Truexit

About our business

We opened our first quests about a year ago. Prior to this, the played in nightclubs, withattracted by Fort Boyard, and when in early 2014, the project " Claustrophobia"  I opened my first quest, went and realized that we also want this to be engaged. At that time people went to any opened quests, as it was for them a novelty.

The first quests were Dormitory, Prison and Bank. However, competition and as a result, the requests of players over the past year have grown. Therefore, the game  with a minimal entourage, without immersion in the atmosphere of history, with riddles like " find the key-open  lock "became very few people are interested. For this reason, six months ago The hostel and the Bank were closed. The prison remained, but the quest was complete has been altered, only the name has survived.

The total budget of our first three quests was about 500 thousand rubles. we  They quickly built them, opened them, and, not stopping at what was achieved, continued to develop. To date, Trueexit is 11 quests in Moscow, 6 in other Russian cities, 15 franchises sold, planned the opening of 7 quests in St. Petersburg.

In addition, we have opened a construction company and are now building quests for other projects. Often, opening a new escape-room,  people are faced with the problem of team selection. The three main whales on which there is any quest - it's a screenwriter, dummy and engineer. Few to find good specialists, they need to work together. We were able collect an excellent team and now offer their services to others.

About the command

How it's done.

There are 15 people in our state, but most of the specialists works on freelancing. From the outside, we tend to attract script writers and construction teams for rough work. At the moment We build a total of 30 quests for ourselves and for outsiders  projects.

From scratch the game is createdon average, one and a half to two  month. Work on a new project begins with finding a room, then,  proceeding from this and the customer's wishes, the script is written. Scenario the team writes it in 5-7 days. Then the script gets to the engineer and the designer-boutofor, their task is to prepare an engineering and design project, after approval of which the construction begins.

Usually in the construction of 5-6 man, not counting the workers. Are laid communications, installed  camera, is a cosmetic repair. By the way, it is at this stage many game makers are mistaken. First, repair the room, but only then they build communications. From here appear badly fixed wires, which quickly break away during operation. In a word, Beginners often face a lot of financial and practical problems when building the first games, so the services of our construction company were in demand.

After the construction of the quest, of course, finalizingIt is tested and  month. The first game that is scored by the script writer, then all the rest of the team. And only then we invite test teams for trial games. And even after opening the room is constantly improving. The prophets try to complement the interior with such decorations that will ensure the maximum immersion of players in all the vicissitudes of the plot, and engineers optimize the technical components.

About cost

How it's done.

In general, entourage and engineering are the most expensive components. If, on average, the construction of the quest in Moscow costs 1.5-2 million rubles, then the two new games that we recently built - " Staying Alive" and " Hogwarts" -  cost much more expensive. In the first quest, we, working together with Fibrum, used augmented andvirtual reality, equipped the room with a huge amount of electronics, programmed all this. In the "Hogwarts" the main expense item was props. Each The quest item has been designed and manufactured to order. Thanks This gave a special atmosphere, allowing you to dive with your head in the world of magic.

The emergence of such high-tech and entourage quests - a logical step in the development of the industry. Players were fed up with boring quests with a dull design. To get their attention, it takes to reach a new level. In each of our quests The latest achievements of technology are used, a unique atmosphere.

So in one of the games we recreated the surface of the moon, in the other we introduced technology Kinect - contactless touch controller. Are planning to experiment with mechanics and pneumatics in new escapes.

About profit

 How it's done.

Focusing on the highest technological and design level,  we pay great attention to the safety and comfort of the players. All games necessarily equipped with fire safety systems. In each room is laid ventilation system - who likes to solve puzzles, when you freeze or sweat then?

In addition, we must not forget about vandal resistance. Often players not too careful about things in the game, and the cost, for example, magic wand in the quest " Hogwarts" is about 15 thousand rubles, a suitcase in the "Chernobyl" - 60 thousand rubles.

But the game is worth the candle: all these costs quickly pay off. Average time payback of the quest from 6 to 12 months. If we talk about the monthly income is Truexit, it is about 500 thousand rubles a month. Much depends on seasonality - in summer, as a rule, there is a decline, all strive for fresh air, and on the subject of the room, for example, military quests are less popular.

About competition

How it's done.

In general, as I said above, the industry escape-rum  is actively developing. Despite the small age, 1.5 - 2 years, only on the Moscow market now there are about 200 companies. In Petersburg they are slightly smaller. And, as I noticed, going to several rooms, the level of games  lower than Moscow. This opens up great scope for new companies, which will decide to develop on the St. Petersburg market.

If you compare with the world level, then Russian quests, in my opinion, are the best now. Despite the fact that the first escapes opened long before ours, in Europe and Asia, for the most part they remained at " key-lock".  By the way, we are now preparingm several scenarios of quests for sale in America. And I must say that in Moscow such rooms opened 8 months ago, however, in the West they are ready to buy.

About the future

How it's done.

Russian quests are becoming more technological, atmospheric. I think that in the near future many quests for children will open. it a promising niche for development, since parents, bringing children to the park  attractions or a zoo, do not know how else to entertain them. And the quests will be an excellent option. Probably, they will be divided into several age groups: for children from 5 to 7 years, from 7 to 10 years, and from 11 and older.

In addition to the usual quests will develop the direction of quests - the performance in which actors are involved, as long as it's more and more horror quests. The number of action quests will increase, where players are required toTo lay down not only intellectual, but also physical efforts. Perhaps once there will be an analog of Fort Boyard, for example, in one of the St. Petersburg forts.