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Artificial intelligence attacks!

Artificial intelligence: friend or foe? Recently, this problem is more and more worried about the world community. The Government of Japan calls to protect humanity from the possible dangers associated with the development of cybernetic intelligence. Officials of the Land of the Rising Sun promised to seek international approval of the eight principles of the application of artificial intelligence, among which respect for man and exclusion of the slightest threats to his life and safety.

The issue will be raised at the highest level: first at the meeting of the ministers of information and communication of the G-7 countries on April 29-30 in the Japanese city of Takamatsu, and then in the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development. And the chances of passing the document are very high, experts say: the problem of the possible use of artificial intelligence against humansbut the whole Western world is worried.

Moreover, such technologies have already been developed sufficiently and are now entering a broad market. This week, the Japanese company Sharp introduced the world's first smartphone with artificial intelligence, which is controlled by voice. With it, unlike Siri on the iPhone, you can really talk - you will not be sent to Google Sharp-smartphone. And also - independently reject calls that, as it seems to the smartphone, you do not want to accept.

If the apocalyptic scenarios for the development of artificial intelligence technologies, like that described in the series of works by Isaac Azimov about positron robots, bother you as much as Japanese officials, try your hand at fighting with the robot in the quest in reality. For example, in the Clastrophobia room, which is called " Artificial Intelligence ." Scenario - classical anti-utopia: computer mind decided that people are unworthyto live on Earth, and is going to enslave and destroy them. You can deceive the machine only in one way - by making spontaneous, unpredictable steps that the computer will not be able to calculate.

Not only technical tasks, but also a moral dilemma, the writers of another quest from Claustrophobia put before the players " I'm a robot ". The action takes place at the space station, which is controlled by an artificial intelligence - the robot Laurie. Players have to remember three laws of robotics and make a difficult choice, who to believe: a robot or a person.

Another quest for this topic is " Lisa. Artificial Intelligence from Lockedmos. The place of action is the laboratory of a talented scientist, who managed to construct a real artificial intelligence. Here there was an accident, and you have to figure out what exactly happened to the brilliant researcher. Players also have to make a difficult choice: destroy the creation of a scientist or allow him to change the future of all mankind.

One of the most high-tech quests in the market: " Portal " from the company Roskvest, in which, in addition to electronic locks and contactless technologies , installed a real robotic arm, the management of which you will master in order to successfully pass the quest.

In addition to the half-mad professor, 40 different electronic devices and 1700 light-emitting diodes, in this laboratory the real artificial intellect of Rados lives. A friend to you or the enemy depends on you, but at this point you definitely need to be more careful, and seven times to think before you press the button or turn the lever. « Crossroads of time " from the company Serious games - it's a stylish and very technological questrum, which will appeal to lovers of crazy comedies and ironic anti-utopias.