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Holmesomania: the five best quests for fans of stories Conan Doyle

Fans of detectives about private detective Sherlock Holmes this week celebrated the anniversary of the birth of one of the greatest English writers - Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. A series of perhaps the most famous detective stories in the world has formed the basis of not only several popular films and series, but also inspired scriptwriters of quests in reality at the dawn of this genre. After all, none other than Sherlock Holmes, or rather his creator, turned the investigation into a kind of game, albeit with very high stakes. And all the crime, thanks to the use of the "deductive method," was broken into a chain of puzzles.

Quests based on stories about Sherlock Holmes are still extremely popular all over the world. Such a scenario you will easily find in almost any country, from England - the home of the detective, to Japan, Thailand and Singapore. In Moscow, nevertheless, the Questumsin this style is not too much. & nbsp;

The two most entourage - in "Claustrophobia." The first is the classic quest " Baker Street, 221-B" , in which players have to reveal a series of terrible killings instead of Sherlock Holmes. The game takes place in the decorations of the XIX century with the appropriate props, like an old typewriter. There is even a semblance of a small chemical laboratory of the famous detective. The game is perfect for beginners and teams with an average level of training.

The second one is much more entourage, but at the same time, it is rather complicated - Sherlock Holmes: The Game of Shadows < / a> ". In this quest, players will face Professor Moriarty, or rather, created by him a death machine that can destroyAll of London. The game takes place on "enemy territory" - in the lair of the sinister genius of mathematics, and the scenery here amazes with its realism. In the professor's study you will find not only paintings and tapestries, but also a huge library full of ancient folios.

An interesting quest for fans of the steampunk genre is " Mechanisms of Moriarty " from the company "Mechanism Quest". You have to get into the professor's office and neutralize the dangerous chemical bomb he created, which is not inferior to nuclear weapons by force. Quest is not linear and will require you to maximum mental effort - there are almost no standard tasks, like finding keys and clues.

If quality puzzles are more important to you than entourage - go to the quest " Save Sherlock! " from World Of Quests.In this rather modestly arranged questrum, the emphasis is on a quality script and really complex puzzles and story moves.The task is to find the antidote for Sherlock Holmes, who was poisoned by an evil genius - Moriarty .

We say Holmes - we mean London. Therefore, in our selection of quests related to the detective from Baker Street, there was one quest, where the name "Sherlock" is never even mentioned. But the color of the British capital is transferred to five with a plus - this is the quest " Subscriber non-subscriber " from the Questmaker ExitGames. In addition to the detailed surroundings and elegant mechanisms, just in the Sherlokovsky spirit, this quest is also distinguished by an unusual format - the game must be played alone.