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Giant areas and technologies of the future

Giant areas and technologies of the future

The first quests in reality appeared more than 8 years ago at the same time in Europe and Asia. In Russia, this business came only in 2013 and, despite its relatively short history, began to develop much more intensively than in the West.

The first rooms were simple and low-budget: minimalist design and interior, no complicated puzzles. The whole game or o the bulk of it was done by yourself. The cost of the creation amounted to no more than 300-500 thousand rubles, since it was difficult to predict the payback period of such a project.

In the future, a successful start and high demand allowed the creators of the " escapes"  invest more in both the design of rooms and the technical component. Now the average cost of the quest is already 1.5-1.7  million rubles, only in Moscow there are more than 300 and every month  new ones are being opened. In the creation of quests are already qualified engineers, designers, decorators and props. There were construction companies that create ready-made rooms "turnkey".

A business that began as a hobby for most owners became a profitable business, and further development, in accordance with market trends and customer expectations, came to the fore. Companies are opening up more and more new quests with high-quality entourage and high-tech "stuffing", sell franchises and go out to the market in other cities of Russia.

We asked the owners, engineers and script writers of quests, as well as some players to predict how the " escapes" will develop in the coming years.

Increase the quest area and play time

Giant areas and technologies future

Large-scale games for o more participants are held in several countries around the world, beginning in 2007. Japanese SCRAP, which specializes in this " escapes" format, collects from 100 to 1000 ( !)  human. Quests are held on large venues, such as stadiums, Parks, abandoned buildings and even cruise ships. As a rule, gaming Locations are not designed for the game in any special way, and tips and game inventory are more than concise.

"I think that the situation will develop as it once was  was with paintball. At first people played in small rooms, then began to lease polygons. In Japan, such games already exist, soon, I think, it will come to Russia. But this requires a large investment and at the moment in the Russian market there is only one or two  Companies that can implement this. However, in my opinion, now invest in this money early. As yet standard formats interesting to customers and pay for themselves, "- says the CEO project "Enigma" Anton Gasparyan.

As many players note with regret, 60 minutes of play fly by unnoticed. "I would like to someday  To play in escape with many rooms, the passage of which will be take several hours, with a variety of types of puzzles: electronic,  mechanical, interactive gameplay, the use of modern technologies, "- says the famous Russian voice actor Peter Glantz. Responding to these market requirements, some projects now offer quests lasting 90 minutes or more.

Using technical innovations, improving the interior

Giant areas and technologies future

According to Alexander Hirschfeld, director of Truexit, - "The emergence of high-tech and entourage quests - a logical step in the development of the industry. Players are fed up with boring escapes with dull design and, in order to attract their attention, it is required to leave to a fundamentally new level. "

Design projects of rooms are being developed with the utmost attention to detail. "In our new quest" Hogwarts " The main expense item was props. Each item for the quest was designed and manufactured to order. Thanks to this, a special atmosphere, allowing you to plunge headlong into the world of magic, "- says Alexander.

One of the largest companies " Claustrophobia" is preparing to launch its new project "Airship" in the popular but expensive in the implementation of the topic of Steam Punk.

"In order for the quest to turn out really entourage, we collected  a team of real professionals, some of the most prominent representatives of Steam Punk  communities that help us make the game a real work art. Every detail is done by hand with love, "- says Vsevolod Batishchev on his project on the site Boomstarter, where the collection was held  funds for the implementation of the game. By the way, the amount necessary for construction - 2  million rubles - was successfully collected in a short period of time, which confirms the demand for such games.

In addition to the design of the room and attributes, creators use in games Newest technologies. Already, many puzzles are being made on the basis of electromechanical elements, microcontrollers, technology radio frequency identification. There is implementation remotely Operating systems: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Kinect. Appear quests with the use of virtual and augmented reality systems.

"I think the future is the use of all modern technologies. For example, "simple" 3D and even reading and sending thoughts at a distance "- says Edgar Rahimov, an engineer at Indestroom, which professionally engaged in the construction of quests.

However, many see the future not so much for electronic Up-to-date systems, how many behind mechanical puzzles and even for the classic type of "key-lock." "Coming to play, people seem to fall into an adventure film, so they like to move some  objects, search the room, select the code. All this they saw in films, read in books. And the presence of this type of puzzle in the game justifies their legitimate expectations. It seems to me that the trend will be reduced to the use of mechanics, because people are always sitting for computers, use gadgets in real life, "- suggests  Anton Gasparyan.

In order to enhance the atmospheric effect, the creators act on all organs feelings. In addition to visual entourage, sound effects and creation authentic quests, the quests can change the temperature rooms and there are smells associated with the theme of the game.

Different styles and genres

Giant areas and technologies of the future

In parallel with the development of design and engineering, the stylistic and genre variety of quests increases. The first " escapes" were mostly a classic escape from various locations, then mystical and horror quests appeared.  Later, responding to the needs of different groups of clients, began to develop directions of family and economic quests. In addition, it became change the very format of intellectual adventure, including in itself elements of theater or sports competition.

The direction "quest-performance" - a game in which an actor or even a small troupe participates - is developing most rapidly. As a rule, these " escapes" are done in horror-style.  "Our game promises players a full immersion in an unforgettable, filled with adrenaline and fear adventure, "- says his project "Science of fear" Artem Shabanov.

However, not all players are ready to play such quests. "New formats I liked the game to a lesser extent, in my opinion, the participation of the actor, Increase the size of quests or game time - this is unnecessary "Decoration", - says the singer Rodion Gazmanov.

In addition to the performances recently appeared the first action games,  where for the passage it is required to involve not only the intellect and logic, but also strength, speed and agility. This game format is more suitable for people who have good sports training, that several reduces the target audience.

Special quests for children are planned to be launched. "It a promising niche for development, since parents, bringing children to the park  attractions or a zoo, do not know how else to entertain them. And the quests will be an excellent option. Probably, they will be divided into several age groups: for children from 5 to 7 years, from 7 to 10 years, and from 11 and older, "- says Alexander Hirschfeld.

Most market players and players agree, that Russian quests are already the most advanced in the world and further this trend will only persist. This opinion is confirmed by the fact that franchises of Russian quests willingly buy abroad.

According to Anton Gasparyan, the quest industry in reality in Russia still only being formed. When this process is completed, the main companies that will displace small e o from the market investment and work with clients. This will be a large segment entertainment business, where everything will be thought through to the smallest detail.