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Movies that are similar to quests

Do you want to prolong the impressions of the quest after returning home? Or can not you get out into the "room-with-puzzles" because of the illness? To plunge into the atmosphere of riddles and secrets and get your portion of adrenaline will help you movies that are very similar to reality quests and even more interesting or scary.

1. Game
Almost all David Fincher's films look like quests with a million riddles and dashing twisted plot. This director manages to keep the intrigue to the very end, and even during the credits, not all viewers understand what really happened. The best Fincher film is, of course, the "Game" with Michael Douglas. Cult psychological thriller has become a kind of standard of the quest in reality. In 1997, when this picture came out, it was only a dream of such entertainmentsgt; The boundaries of the present and the game are so blurred that the protagonist of the picture, jaded and tired of life businessman Nicholas Van Orton, only in the finale was able to understand the intention of the organizers of the action unfolding around the action. They toss Nicholas one task after another, and he, losing control over the habitual course of life, is forced to follow this invisible route. Despite the incredible emotions that overwhelm Nicholas and give him a taste of life, it is unlikely that many of us would like to experience something like this in reality - this game was too cruel. But to watch how the hero copes with riddles, and his own fears - a pleasure. This film can inspire many people to visit the quorum.

2. & nbsp; Running in a maze
A teenager wakes up in an elevator, leading to a closed valley inhabited by the same people as he, deprived of the memory of their past. Every morning in the rocks a path opens into a mysterious labyrinth, and every night the passage closes: after spending the night therefrom, nobody returned alive. The creators turned out a real large-scale reality-quest for dangers and riddles with a very unexpected ending. Most likely, guess the story moves you will be a little faster than the characters on the screen, but this will only give an interactive look.

3. Bunker
An ordinary girl was trapped in a secret bunker inside his own house. It would seem that the classic quest genre, but here everything is a little more complicated than it seems at first glance. After all, guessing the riddles and looking for clues by the will of the case will be her rival - the waitress Fabiana, in whose arms the groom of the main heroine decided to be consoled after her disappearance. The answer to the question of who is in the bunker, you will learn at the beginning of the fibut the intrigue will be preserved until the end: will the girls be able to understand each other, being on different sides of the armored glass, and will the main heroine be released.

4. Sherlock
The ironic series that the BBC team got was also very similar to quest. Unfortunately, on the screen everything happens too quickly to solve the puzzles yourself. And some, like a mysterious corpse in the trunk of the car, can not be solved even by Sherlock himself, who usually clicks puzzles like nuts. But when you first understand something important before the main characters, emotions literally overwhelm your head. In addition, the method of the great detective's work will help you in the future cope with the mysteries in the quest rooms - they are built on the same principle as the script of the series. Especially advise the first series of the first season: the classic detective story "In pink tones" & nbsp; - the best allowance for grandfatherexercises.

5. & nbsp; Escape
If you are a fan of escape the quests and a good movie at the same time, be sure to look at the picture "Escape". Two recognized actor-genius Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger will seek a way out of the world's most guarded prison, which is called the "Tomb" because it is absolutely impossible to escape from there. Their methods in practice - that is, in the real esqueip quest - you will not be able to apply, because psychology in this film is much more than technical lotions, but you will definitely get your adrenaline rush.

6. Side effect
The investigation will begin after crimes: a girl who committed it under the influence of an experimental drug, will attemptavdat her psychiatrist and himself gets confused in this very unusual incident. The film is worth a look at least for the sake of the beautiful actor's quartet: Jude Law, Rooney Mara, Catherine Zeta-Jones and Channing Tatum, but the plot will amaze even the experienced fans of the quest-detectives. If you like simple explanations and see only good in people - this picture will perfectly dispel your illusions and make you look at those who seem innocent by lambs.

7. Lara Croft: Tomb Raider
The creators of many historical quests about the riddles of the Egyptian pyramids were inspired by the films about the archaeologist Lara Croft, brilliantly played by the actress Angelina Jolie. The heroine Jolie travels in the light, hunting for magical antiquities. Both paintings are based on super popular adventure computer games Tomb Raider (Tomb Raider). Most of the filmLara works with ancient artifacts, searches for keys and understands where to put something to make everything work - just like the participants in the quests are in reality. & Nbsp; But besides the mysteries in the film, there are many beautiful fights, pistol shooting and, of course, magic.

8. Da Vinci Code
Thriller on the novel of the same name by Dan Brown caused the rapture of the audience, angry responses of representatives of religious organizations, insulted by the free interpretation of Sacred Food, and a huge interest in the work of Leonardo da Vinci. Ten years have passed since the premiere, and quests with his name are still popular all over the world, thanks to the Da Vinci Code. According to the story, the main characters found in the works of the Titan of the Renaissance a series of puzzles that will lead them to unraveling one of the greatest religious mysteries in the history of mankind. & Nbsp; Adventure, excitement, the game between life and death - that's what makes "Codeda Vinci "by an immortal masterpiece of cinematography.