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Birthday in the quest in reality

Do not want to celebrate your birthday in the company of drunken friends and admire their chewing faces? Refuse the festive feast in favor of the quest in reality. Intellectual game in bright scenery will not only leave a lot of impressions for the guests and the birthday boy for many years to come, but also help to get acquainted & nbsp; and make friends with important people for you from different worlds: parents, colleagues, friends on high school and the other half.

Birthday in the quest: why it will be cool

Organizing an unusual birthday party for a birthday person and his friends is sometimes not so easy. Hikes in cafes and cinema have already become a part of our everyday life, and it is not accepted to collect friends at home today, and many people will not be invited. In this sense, the quest in reality is the ideal solution. It can be selected from the number ofguests, and memories of all participants of the holiday will remain for a long time. And it turns out, for sure, cheaper than ordering even in an inexpensive restaurant - the cost of the quest for a company of 5-6 people is about 3500-4000 rubles, while the average check in the cafe - more than a thousand per person.

But the main thing here is not even financial benefit, but memories that will stay for a long time, and the opportunity to get to know your friends from an unexpected side. Nobody stared at gadgets, does not retire with each other: all attention is focused on riddles, and a birthday person may well become the main character. On the birthday quest, you can collect friends yourself, and you can organize such a surprise for a friend-birthday boy. The main thing is to make sure that at this time it is completely free.

How do I choose a birthday quest?

Decide on the number of guests - this determines the size of the team, and hence the choice of the quest. If you usually call 4-5 close friends, then inThe selection will be huge, as quests for 5-6 players are now the most popular format on the market. But quests for 10, 15 or 20 people can be counted on the fingers. For example, in " Zombieland " Roskvest can simultaneously participate up to 12 players, as in the quest "The Game of Thrones: The King's Castle "of the company" Vyhod ", and the reality game" MSK 2048 " of the project "Claustrophobia" can simultaneously accept up to 30 participants.

Evaluate the capabilities of your team . Quest with elements of airsoft or sports game will suit the youth team well, but if you arrange a child's birthday, or are going to invite your adult parents, they will not appreciate running around with automatic rifles along dark corridors. If you order a sports quest, rest assured that among your guests there are no people with musculoskeletal diseasesor other physical conditions that may interfere with the game.

Find out which organizers offer discounted birthday gifts . Most likely to save a little: a maximum of 15-20%, but it's money, especially if you order an expensive performance. If you still plan to celebrate in the quest, why not take advantage of this to pay a little less for the game you planned long ago?

If you want after the quest all the same arrange a sit-round with a cake and tea , look for locations that offer this service in addition to the game. It is much more convenient to spend the whole festival in one place than to move from the questrum to the cafe and back. Usually, such a service is inexpensive, and some organizers will even free you to enter the rest room, however, for a limited time - for example, the project "Hide and Seek in the Dark" in the cost of the script " VTEMNOTE 2.0 "besides the game there is also an hour in the rest room with its food and drinks.

What's important to consider?

All should come at one time : unlike cafes and movies, you will not be able to go to the quest later in reality. & nbsp; So if among your guests there are also young parents who need to be in time kindergarten until 18:00, and office workers who can leave their chair only at 19:00, think about moving the holiday on a day off.

Age of the quest participants . Many games have a restriction on the minimum age of participants, especially if the story is related to eroticism, violence or some other horrors: some of the horror minors are also not allowed. If you have a mixed company and have friends with children, choose something universal. For example, a fairytale quest " Secret Room ", which can be attended by up to 8 players.

The command can not be more than the declared . Therefore, invite ten people in the hope that half will not come - not a very reasonable decision, if you decide to celebrate a birthday in the quest. If you can not predict in advance how many guests you will have, choose games in which payment is for the player, and their number can be significantly changed. For example, in the game " Cage " "Moslabirinta" take payment by the number of players, and the game starts from two people .

Chose the quest and take into account all the nuances? Do not forget to book the game in advance, otherwise convenient time may be occupied by another team. And now gather guests and have a good birthday to you!