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What is quests. "Locked room" as a new city entertainment

Recently, new entertainment has been gaining popularity in the cities of Russia - " quests in reality", they are also games from the leave the room." More and more people voluntarily give their money to be locked in a room with a bunch of puzzles that need to be solved within the allotted time.

Maybe you even heard the word " quest", but do not know at all what it is and how in this " play"? Let's figure out where this entertainment came from, and how it happened that it was Russia that became one of the leaders in this new industry.

The history of quests

What are quests.

Everything began, perhaps with computer games. At the dawn of their development, many of them borrowed stories from art and real life. Now it's the other way around - they make films and write books on games, and on their basis come up with family entertainment. The most recent example is live quests, which, in fact, will be discussed.

The word quest itself is translated from English as " look for something "and denotes the genre of computer games. In quests you usually play for a certain character and must, solving puzzles and communicating with other characters, move forward according to a predetermined plot.

The most successful quests can boasting the presence of several storylines, which can choose the player himself. Some quests of the distant past possessed such an exciting story that they did not even need a special videografy to attract players, and events unfolded in text form.

In the history of computer games popular quests was released very much. There were many subgenres, the most successful of which was called " escape the room" - ". The essence of this game is reflected in its title: your hero is locked in a certain room, where he needs to get out in all available ways.

Such games are often not accompanied by any significant story, emphasizing the player's attention to tasks and the surrounding situation. Especially popular " room quests" have become the proliferation of smartphones - even now, a significant part of the download leaders are these games. The more surprising is how long this idea did not have an embodiment in reality.

From the computer to reality

The first successful attempts to transfer to The reality of the virtual quest, in which you need to get out of the room, refer to 2006. It was then in the Silicon Valley in the US that a group of enthusiasts working with programmers built an attraction called "Origin". He was inspired by the stories of Agatha Christie and had a detective focus. Entertainment quickly became a popular destination for tourists, and since then the idea began to develop gradually.

In the same year, attempts to build something similar were undertaken by a group of students from Hong Kong. True, in their case, the quest was created solely for their own entertainment during the summer camps. Nevertheless, attempts by Chinese students did not go unnoticed - in a few years it was Hong Kong that became one of the cities where this entertainment began to acquire a massive character.

Since 2008 In the United States and Japan, the first companies organizing live quests have already begun to appear. They started exporting this entertainment to China, Indonesia, Singapore, Australia and other countries.

In Europe, for a long time the capital of living quests was, as it did not suddenly sound, - Budapest. In 2013, more than 20 different companies operated in the Hungarian capital, offering their rooms with puzzles. It was Budapest that became the place where the Russian Bogdan Kravtsov realized that this entertainment would also catch on in Russia.

From Budapest to Moscow

Bogdan Kravtsov - the creator of the company " Claustrophobia" - which was one of the first to organize live quests in Russia. According to him, the idea of ​​moving room quests into reality came to him unexpectedly - during a trip on the train. Like any person, Kravtsov immediately got on Google and found out that such quests abroad are not uncommon for a long time. But in Russia there was nothing like that at that time.

A trip abroad and a test of quests in Budapest left an ambivalent impression on Kravtsov. First, it turned out to be a really exciting and promising entertainment. Secondly, he immediately saw how much everything can be improved in this matter.

According to the creators " Claustrophobia »live quests abroad looked pretty simple and cheap. For example, the best quests in Budapest were a set of monotonous tasks, devoid of any exciting atmosphere. And in the case of Asian quests the situation was even worse.

The most successful of the attractions of Bangkok was the business of an Australian visitor and he secretly told Russians that quests for Asians and Europeans are done different. If Europeans are happy to solve puzzles, then for Asians, the treasured keys are simply well hidden in different places of the room.

It was obvious that if you approach this idea with greater efficiency, then you can reach a qualitatively new level. So, thanks to the efforts of the creators of " Claustrophobia," Moscow has the first live quests in Russia - " Hospital "And " Soviet apartment. "

Our answer

In contrast from foreign quests, where a single crowd can immediately start a whole crowd of people, in domestic quests usually can take part no more than four ( rarely - five). The premises themselves in this area correspond to a small two-room apartment ( sometimes three).

< p> Of course, " big" quests we also have: now there are enough offers on the market for companies of 6, 8 and even 20 players. However, there are not many such games yet.

To solve all the problems, and they are typed from 10 to 20 ( depending on the complexity), it takes exactly one hour. The tasks themselves can be arranged in time as linear, when one must decide one after another, and in parallel - when it is possible to engage in at least all at once. The process with the help of several video cameras is monitored by operators who, at the request of players, can interfere with the game process. For example, give small clues to players who are pondering over some tricky mystery.

The puzzles themselves, of course, are kept strictly confidential. Quest can not be photographed and even in the press it is difficult to find any meaningful details. It's understandable: if you know the outcome of the quest and the answers to the puzzles, then it will simply be uninteresting. The only thing that is open to the future player is the plot.

If a year ago you did not have to choose from the stories especially now, it seems, absolutely any topic - scientific fantasy, pirates, fantasy, anti-utopia, the Middle Ages, Harry Potter, prison and gangsters, war, historical events, steampunk, movies and much more.

the main thing is that over the years quests become more highly-budgetary, that is, better ones. And if before, playing the quest, you had to seriously include fantasy, now great scenery and maximum realism from the first minute immerse you in the atmosphere of the game, creating absolutely genuine emotions.

By the way, in many quests the creators use original items, but do not make cheap copies from them: for example, in historical " rooms" there are often things taken from museums of that era, or it can be really authentic items, bought with hands or found not even in Russia, If it is necessary on the subject, which is dedicated to the story of the quest.

It's time to play

From a business perspective, the market kvestrumov was more than successful. The figures speak for themselves - the initial investment of the first creators of the quests paid off in just a few weeks, although the creators themselves expected to repay the money at best in six months.

interesting that the advertising budget for the same " Claustrophobia" in fact was not. The fact is that one of the first visitors to the attraction was the famous designer Artemy Lebedev ( his studio, for example, did the design "< / span> Yandex "), which left a very positive feedback on your blog.

If you want to become a player yourself, then it's very easy. For a start, you can go to a special site, where all available offers for quests are collected and try to find, for example, the nearest to your home. Or choose from a convenient schedule.

The stories, as already mentioned, are absolutely for every taste. In this case, a lot of quests are suitable for visiting with children, which means - you can safely go to solve the puzzle with the whole family. But remember that the popular quests should be recorded ahead of time, because for a day or two before the game itself, it's harder to get on them because of the large number of people who want it multiple times than, say, a week.

< / p>

Where to start

The very first quest in your life is the most memorable: bad or good, you will still remember it. But it is better, of course, to choose a good one. And to make the right choice, here are some simple recipes for you.

1) Complexity. It's very important to choose the right one for the first time on the difficulty level of the quest. Do not start right away from the brain room, because the first time you want to figure out how everything works here, is not it? In addition, the very feeling that you have passed the quest, can not be compared with anything.

So first go to several quest sites and choose something from rooms of an initial level of complexity. Typically, the creators of " escapes" mark one with a ( on a five-point scale) or explicitly indicate that this room is recommended beginners.

And still be sure to check out our selection of the simplest ( but from no less exciting) quests in Moscow .

2) Format. If you are not a fan of fiction or space, then why should you start with the quest for some intergalactic journey? And if you do not like being frightened by you, then why do you immediately rush to the embrasure and go to the "horror"?

Start with something neutral or that you like it. Boys, for example, more like quests related to science or high technology: they like it when you need to twist any knobs in the quest, connect devices and light bulbs. Girls, as a rule, prefer entourage and ingenious logical puzzles.

The surest way to choose a quest is to read the descriptions of rooms on questrum websites.

3) Number of participants. If you expect to go on your first quest alone with your girlfriend or a young man, then choose one where in the number of participants indicated from 2 to 4 people, because there are quests, where the two of you are really difficult to deal with because of the number of puzzles.

If you are a big company, then look for quests, where there are many rooms and many tasks, so that everyone would be more cheerful. Look at our selection of querums for any number of participants. Surely you will find something for yourself.

Good luck!