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Journey to the universe of the "Game of Thrones"

Before the premiere of the new series of the popular series "The Game of Thrones" a week remained. The fans have already sorted out the trailers and footage from the set for the seconds, so we decided to remind you what to expect from the next, the sixth season of the TV show. & Nbsp; & nbsp; So, the top ten things that we hope to see this spring.

Samwell Tarley in the Old Town

The last good thing that John Snow managed to create for his friends, - sent the fat man Sam to the Old Town to study at the maester. In the new season, we hope to learn a little more about this order and the fortress in which its adepts, the Citadel, are taught.

Randall Tarley

Sam's father, Lord Rogova Hill and one of the best generals of Västerås, this season should appear in the Royal Harbor. Reunionwhether he or she is with his son who has matured in the Watch, is a question that worries the fans even more than the battle in which Tarley the elder is rumored to lead the remnants of the Royal Harbor troops.

More Dorn

The film crew of the series spent a lot of time in Spanish Seville, but in the fifth season Dorn was shown in only a few scenes. Maybe all the "delicious" was left on the sixth?

Return of Rikon Stark

The youngest son and the last heir of the male Eddard Stark (not counting Bran, who is unlikely to claim the place of Lord of the North because of injury) is a dark horse in the game for the Iron throne. Despite his young age, with the help of his sister and advisers, he can compete for power not only over Winterfell, but over the entire North.

New Night Watch

What will happen to the guards of the Wall afterJohnny Snow? Who will be the next Lord-Commander? Will the brothers run away far away, using a riot in the Watch, or will they remain faithful to the oath? For all these questions we learn the answers in the sixth season.

The Siege of Riverrand

Brindan Tally, nicknamed Black Fish happily escaped death during the "Bloody Wedding", but on this his role in the series was far from over. In the book there is an episode of the siege of Riverrand by the troops of Lannister and Frei, but in the series of this moment we have not yet seen. All ahead?

What will the little finger do

Petir Beilicz is certainly one of the most dangerous players in the struggle for the throne of the Seven Kingdoms. While he was successfully balancing between the Royal Harbor and the remaining Stark supporters in the North. The escape of Sansa from Winterfell and the Path of Shame of Queen Cersei had to mix his plans, but who knows what is really on the mind of the insidious owner of brothels.

The most grandiose battle in the history of television

The scriptwriters of the project in the new season promised to show the most massive battle scene in the history of television. "The plot, budget, time and resources" - these four components, according to producer Brian Cogman, came together only for the sixth year of the project's existence. But who and with whom will fight, did not specify: Battle for Winterfell? Battle for the North? Battle of the Bastards? Fans of the version have one more insanity than the other.

The Joy Tower

The story of the abduction and death of Lianna Stark has long haunted the fans of the series. And finally, a few shots flashed through the teaser, quite possibly referring to the legendary battle of the Joy Tower between the detachment of Eddard Stark and the three knights of the Royal Guard.

Who Ian McShane plays

The fact that in the cast of the "Game of Thrones" hit the popular bthe actor Ian McShane became known in August last year. But who will be the winner of the "Golden Globe" prize - is still a mystery even for the most perspicacious fans.

Questions for the sixth season in fans, as we see, quite a lot. But the actors who have already completed the work in the frame are not in a hurry to disclose all the secrets, but only warm up the public's interest in their personalities with regular tricks to the brink of scandal.

Keith Harington and Rose Leslie demonstrated to the public that are a pair not only on the screen (their characters John Snow and the wild Igritt had a love line), but in life. Lovers appeared together at the ceremony of awarding the Laurence Olivier Theater Award in London.

So much attention is paid to these actors also because, despite footage of the dead Snow in the trailer of the sixth season, the fans until the last believed in & nbsp; his resurrection. Harington killed the hopes of fans in early March, saying that "John Snow in the new series will remain a corpse."

The role of Tirion Lannister Peter Dinklage performed in the spirit of his hero and appeared nude in the evening show Saturday Night Live on NBC. Dinklage took part in the parody of the show "Naked and Frightened", which goes on Discovery in 2013. Video recording, despite the retouching of the "most interesting" moments, gained almost 2 million views per day.