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Scenarios of the quests in reality. What subjects, assignments and ideas can be used.

Quest in reality - the opportunity to relax actively, interestingly, fascinatingly. The game gained popularity, unfolding in a confined space, a cramped room, on the street. The idea is used when organizing birthdays, corporate parties, team building, private holidays.

Common quest topics in reality

The subject of the quest in reality is not limited to the specified criteria. The game, resembling a "living" puzzle, is based on team trials. The basis of the project are:

  • books;
  • sensational films;
  • computer "rpg".

    Participants immerse themselves in the atmosphere of riddles, emotions, extreme. Games will carry away children, diversify leisure time for adults. Teenagers are offered unique stories. Unique tasks for the quest in the pThe realities relate to the motifs of the ballad about Harry Potter, the hit devoted to "Star Wars", spy stories. Children like the games Lego Quest, Fairy Winx, Monster High. Little fans of extreme sports will be carried away by solving puzzles of Winnie the Pooh.

    Memorable stories of quests in reality will interest adults. Fun, dynamic games in the wake of the stories:

    • Jack Sparrow;
    • Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson;
    • Indiana Jones;
    • Alice in the Looking Glass.

      Projects based on the series "Back to the Future", "In All Grave", "Ocean's Twelve", "The Big Bang Theory", are unique, interesting, mysterious.

      Tempting ideas for quests in reality

      A non-trivial questrum is fascinating, based on the story of the computer game Maincraft. The optimal number of players is above 5. In advance for the participants of the adventure, a map is prepared,It is modeled after the computer project of the same name.

      It is recommended to prepare tasks for the whole team. It is important - to use the computer-related "brodilke" inventory: gold axes, diamond picks, metal trunks. It is interesting to create your own mob. Children are encouraged to give assignments in English, mathematical puzzles, logical exercises. Special parts are being prepared. Fragments resemble the modes that generate the space of the world. Their surfaces are covered with inscriptions, helping to pass tasks. Great, if the scenario of the quests in reality based on the Meincraft computer project, includes tasks for speed and wit.

      Children like programs based on fairy tales, cartoons, books, virtual "brodilki." Adults attract terrible, mysterious, terrible stories. A perfect example of adventure is the horror film "Saw". The program has won an extraordinary prevalence, love nshots from Belarus, Russia, Poland, Great Britain. Mist haze, muted colors, a sense of insanity, the closeness of a maniac give emotions, adrenaline, an unforgettable experience. The "chip" of the game is an imitation of a corpse, located in the middle of the room. A terrible addition makes the project an entertainment of 18+.

      The passage of puzzles in reality format by groups is a combination of recreation, activity, interesting entertainment, capable of diversifying standard activities, passing boringly, passively, monotonously.