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Alice returns: crazy quests based on the books of Lewis Carroll

The sequel to Tim Burton's "Alice in Wonderland" takes place on May 26th. Theoretically, "Alice in the Looking Glass" is a screen version of the same name by Lewis Carroll, but the scriptwriters left little of the original story.

Judging by the trailer and previews of the studio Disney, the events of the two films share a considerable time interval: Alice has grown up and became the captain of the ship called "Miracle". After one of the trips she met an old friend - the Blue Caterpillar named Absol, thanks to which she returned to Wonderland. Bright cast: Johnny Depp, Helena Bonham Carter, Anne Hathaway and Sasha Baron Cohen, as well as a combination of live animation and animation that is not usual for the audience make this film one of the most anticipated premieres of the year. Despite the fact that the director of the tape this time, he wasDumb young English talent James Bobin, and Tim Burton only produces the film.

In the Russian quest industry, Lewis Carroll's works occupy a special place: on the motives of both "Alice" new scripts and game spaces are constantly being created. For decorators, this real expanse: the opportunity to play with the sizes, light illusions, use the most insane props.

A good incarnation of bold ideas came from the questsmaker "Unforgettable games" in the room " Allusion in the Country . " According to the scenario, you will fall into the dream of a girl named Alice, who seems to have everything in order with a fantasy: here you are both endangered cats and insane tea parties. The game is perfect for children, but only with adults - the riddles are not easy here.

Another famous quest based on the works of Lewis Carroll - " Alice " the company "Kubyrinth". It turned out bright, fairy and a little insane - in general, it accurately reproduces the atmosphere of the book (but not the plot). Here you have to run the clock in the fairy kingdom, which Mad Hatter smeared with butter.

His " Alice in Wonderland " "Kvestopoliya" calls one of the most ambitious quests in Russia . 10 colorful rooms, each of which is one of the corners of the Wonderland - a great place for a children's holiday, for example, Birthday. & Nbsp; The game is designed primarily for young visitors, although without adults only participants over 14 are allowed.

If you like to tickle your nerves, the PODZEMKA questmaker made the game " Alice in the Land of Nightmares in a genre close to a fairy-tale thriller. The queen's queen's queen, an insane tea party, which will not be as friendly as in the book-the very atmosphere of the quest sets up an adrenaline rush. But this is also a performance (the actor is involved in the game), which makes this hour completely unpredictable.

And finally, for those who have always associated "Alice" with a hallucinogenic madness, and not a fairy tale, there is a quest " Looking Glass »From Armakvest. Huge glowing mushrooms, swings, as if from girlish dreams, clouds under the ceiling - all this and even more in one questrum.