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8 best Christmas quests from around the world

Approaches New Year, and the whole world lives in anticipation of miracles. Dreams do not dream only children, but also adults, only matinees and performances for them are not provided. It's good that there are quests ready to send you on a trip to Santa's house and the factory of bulls-elves. So, the 8 best Christmas quests from around the world, which will decorate the pre-holiday days.

Santa's Factory

Something happened in Santa's house.

Something happened in Santa's house, and Christmas was in jeopardy. Postcards do not sent out, gifts do not come, and Santa Claus himself disappeared somewhere. AT the quest " Claustrophobia »you - spthe brigade of elves who will save the holiday, and all the hope is only for your savvy. Classical The fairy tale about the spoiled Christmas was received at founders such lovely and magic, that will delight both children and adults. Quests in this quest rather simple, but a lot of unusual mechanisms and Christmas decorations.

City: Moscow

Command: 2 & mdash; 4 players

Playing time: 60 minutes

Cost: 2500-4500 per team

Missing Santa

For the New Year to remain the most magical day, you will have to solve the mysteries of the quest

Imagine what will happen in a transnational corporation, if suddenly the only owner disappears? And when the work of this company - to give all the fun and joy, and provide gifts to the whole world, chaos begins! All the happiness of the world hangs in the balance, and only from you depends on whether the holiday will come to our homes this year. To keep the New Year the most magical day, you have to solve puzzles and solve puzzles. This atmospheric Christmas quest from the firm " Walls " can be booked in two difficulty levels: for adults or children from 4 years with parents.

Gogenus: Moscow

Command: 2 & mdash; 4 players

Game time: 75 minutes

Cost: 2000-4000 per team

New Year's Eve commotion

Do you remember the comedy about Grinch-the kidnapper of Christmas? The quest
Remember the comedy about Grinch-the thief of Christmas? Quest " New Year's Trouble " is made on its motives. Fairy-tale or intellectual game? All at once, you are welcomeYou will not only solve riddles, but also find carefully hidden artifacts to save Christmas from the Grinch and leave the room. Quest can be done in the company of friends or family - children will be interested not less, but maybe even more than adults.

City: Ufa

Command: 2 & mdash; 4 players

Playing time: 60 minutes

Cost: 1000-2000 per team

Hansel and Gretel

Although the quest

Although " Hansel and Gretel "- this is not a Christmas fairy tale, a gingerbread house in which you find yourself reminded of the approach of Christmas. The truth is he lives in it, not Father Frost with elves, and the witch-ogre, and traditional New Year sweets are poisoned a deadly poison! The doors slammed shut, and you only have an hour to get out of here. away before the arrival of the bloodthirsty witch. The quest is pretty simple, so experienced players will easily pass it for half an hour, but here you have to be very Attentive to details and do not hesitate to search the most unexpected corners gingerbread house. The atmosphere was recreated simply superbly: even for communication with the operator will give a bell, not a walkie-talkie, as in most quests. Not just lose it!

City: Korolev, Moscow region

Command: 2 & mdash; 4 players

Game time: 60 minutes

Cost: 2000-4000 per team

12 Days of Christmas (The 12 Days of Christmas)


On the night before Christmas the house freezes: all its inhabitants sleep, even a small one the mouse will not slip. And you suddenly so wanted to see what left under Santa, that you could not wait until morning. So, you have come out of your bedroom, went to look at the gifts, when suddenly the door suddenlyslammed shut. Scared? I hope you can get out of the room this evening. Quest company " Escape 757 , Like most American games, open, so you can go there in single and play with people you do not know. Or bring your team (up to 8 person) and try to cope with all the tasks together.

City: Virginia Beach, United States

Command: 1-8 human

Game time: 60 minutes

Cost: $ 25 per person

Cabinet Santa's Office

Naughty elves hid the list of good kids that Santa makes each year

Naughty Elves hid the list of good kids that Santa makes every year. Remained only an hour to find it, or Christmas will be hopelessly spoiled. Task just for your super team, right? Solve All puzzles, which the elves left in the office of Santa and save the holiday. And if you can not solve a puzzle in any way, do not hesitate to ask for a clue.

City: Leander, Texas, United States

Command: 1-8 person (but the organizersadvise 4-6 people)

Game time: 62 minutes

Cost: $ 20 per person

Christmas Room (The Christmas Room)

If you love the New Year and Christmas Eve - you'll definitely like the quest

Christmas room creators of the quest " Escape Fort wayne »designed at the end of November specifically to celebrate it special time of the year. So thato If you love the New Year and Christmas Eve - you certainly liking. The real Santa Claus fell asleep right at his desk, making a list of good and disobedient boys and girls. In an hour he will wake up, and if by that time you do not have time to get out of the room, he will certainly make you in the list of mischievous people, and then no gifts this year.

City: Fort Wayne, Indiana, USA

Command: 1-8 human

Game time: 60 minutes

Cost: $ 30 per person

Christmas Race Rooms

This Christmas in city ​​escape-quests

This Christmas in Oklahoma City in one of the most famous cities in the city escape the quests " Trapped you are waiting for an exciting race on the holiday quest "race with the clock." Time you have to spare, but you need to have time to go through all the thematic rooms, decide puzzle and find out the code from the door before the hour has elapsed. Organizers write that they will be happy to tourists and are ready to help you find your bearings in the city, so if you come to those regions, book the game!

City: Oklahoma City, USA

Command: 2-10 people

Game time: 60 minutes

Cost: $ 20 per person