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8 best quests based on the movie "Saw"

"Saw" is one of the most popular horror films of all time. And not because there is a lot of blood and really terrible moments. Fans of the series of paintings appear thanks to the philosophy of the maniac-protagonist: "People do not value their lives until they are on the verge of death." & Nbsp;

Since the "Saw" in the script is a game of survival, the authors of the quests scenarios took it into service and made the most horrible horror games that you can imagine. These are quests for those who want to understand the limits of their fear and learn to act in the most extreme situation. We chose the six best incarnations of "Saw" in the world for real fans and fans of psychological extremes.

St. Petersburg, Russia
Quest from iLocked, perhaps, is the most atmospheric and frightening of all. Like everything, like everyone else: tiles, chains, blood stains, but for some reason it is here that the participants most often press the alarm button. And all because "Saw" - this is not a usual scary escape room, where the player is scared, but overall quite comfortable and the feeling remains that this is a game, but rather a mixture of a fear room and a fort-bayard. To accompany you throughout the game will, as in the movie, the Billy doll.

Some puzzles are solved completely suicidal, and not in the context of the game, but in real life. It seems that you really can stay in this room forever, and this causes an unreal adrenaline rush. In the room except for the models there are also living insects, so before you snap them and try to frighten the already frightened girls, be sure that you do not take a real tarantula or Madagascar cockroach. And then, as it were, do not put it in your pants.

Budapest, Hungary
Floured tiles, urinals, bath, chains hanging from the walls - the Budapest "Saw" perfectly reproduces the original, and, in full accordance with the name of the organizer of the queenum PANiQ-ROOM, drives the players into a panic. Nevertheless, if you are ready, you will easily pass the "Saw" even together, although the location holds up to 7 players. The room in which the game will be played, only one, but quite large. Players in the beginning are chained to the walls quite far apart, so before one of your friends gets free, you'll have to overcome fear yourself. Quest will require you to be physically active and emotionally stable, because in the course of its passage you will be provoked by conflicts within the team, and if you succumb, one will not be able to get out one by one.

Sportpark Gelsenkirchen
Gelsenkirchen, Germany
The atmosphere in the quest is more like a movie, not a movie, but as if before decorating you, the decorators worked with the filters, making the room in subdued gray-brown tones. It looks not only scary, but completely abandoned: anyone who even glances at this room with one eye will understand that no one has come here for a long time, and that means no one will save you. Well, the indispensable attribute of "Saw" - the corpse in the center of the room - looks completely natural.

However, during the passage of the quest will not be so terrible. It even allowed children under 14 accompanied by adults. And if you still get scared, you can leave the location at any time through an emergency exit. Moreover, the organizers emphasize that during the passage of the quest, neither you nor any third parties are not under the groundThey are jerking a real danger.

What's unusual: this "Saw" was collected not by professional quests, but by employees of the German sports park, which, in addition to the quest in reality, has laser tag, paintball and even golf courses.

Escape Room Palms Springs
Palm Springs, USA
Workers in Palm Springs are able to put a tile ta-lyap, as in Soviet bathrooms, so the American version of "Saw" may seem to you too sleek. But the local questrum can be safely demonstrated as an art object - the organizers attracted graffiti artists to decorate the room.

The game is pretty intense, but it only takes 45 minutes. The script is full of profanity and mention of threats of sexual violence, therefore & nbsp; Only persons over 18 years of age are allowed to participate.

Pila Game
Minsk, Belarus
The dark and gloomy Belarusian" Saw "& nbsp; stalkers no less than to fans of the original series of thriller films.The organizers made the quest so terrible that in the end they had to put not only the restriction of 18+, but also to prohibit games in the format of a girl + girl or boyfriend + girl. two men, and a point.

Unlike other locations, it is not very similar to the scenery of the movie "Saw", but this only adds to the dramatic situation: even if you looked at the picture, you still do not know what to expect from the quest. The location is quite large, so you will not be bored. Oh, yes, and do not wear light clothes - there will be spots of blood on it, in which you will certainly be smeared while you pass the quest.

Moscow, Russia
There are many quests in the Russian capital based on the movie "Saw", but it's about this that players give the best reviews. Here you will not be left with an abandoned toilet, and the former freezer room, in which you - helpless, chained, will die in 60 minutes, if you do not curb your fear and start acting.

The quest is rather dark and smoky, so it's better for asthmatics to choose another scenario. But this, and still very realistic detached limbs, create a unique atmosphere of horror. But the puzzles are quite simple - apparently the organizers decided that the players will be so scared that they will lose the ability to think soberly and the remnants of ingenuity.

Moscow, Russia
"Claustrophobia" quest based on "Saw" did not hurry to release, butworked on the glory. The quest turned out not only very scary, but also completely different from other games based on this picture. Usually & nbsp; creators of the quests are oriented mainly to the first of the series' films, but the guys from "Claustrophobia" went a little further. Bloodstained tiles and two-hand saws were replaced by lattices and refined mechanisms with mechanical circular saws. It seems that the big fantasy of a dangerous maniac really worked here: only he could come up with these terrible cells of death. As a result, the quest turned out to be so terrible that the organizers even hung out a warning: people with epilepsy and claustrophobia are not allowed to enter, and they set an age limit of 18+.

Moscow, Russia
"Saw" from the organizer LOST was much less technically difficult than that of "Claustrophobia", but the eerie atmosphere from this at alltraadala. Maniac in version & nbsp; the creators of this quest hardly studied the laws of mechanics and engineering: he simply stretches his victims on the cross and cuts them into pieces with a conventional hand saw. The fake bloodied limbs, hanging all over the place, only look funny in the pictures - in the muffled light of the questrum it turns out frighteningly. The puzzles in the quest are fairly straightforward, so if your brains do not give up fear, it will be easy to cope with them, and you will easily leave the room in the allotted time. Go for this quest is just for the sake of the classic atmosphere of the first films of the series: with blood and animal horror coming at the sight of the lair of the maniac. & Nbsp; A great place for fans of the movie and beginners quests.