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5 non-obvious facts about the benefits of quests

5 non-obvious facts about the benefits of quests p>

Have got used to think that the quest is nothing more than amusing entertainment? We will help you to look at them from the other side. In fact, games in the genre "Escape from the room" have many unobvious advantages. They help get rid of addiction, fight fears, develop your brain and even get used to the world of new technologies.

Quest - this is an opportunity to spend an hour without a phone.

In our time, for many, at least an hour without communication is an unacceptable luxury. Unregulated working day, insane boss, customers on the other side of the globe make us Your mobile phone anytime, anywhere. Many people who feel that they have they begin to depend on communication tools and social networks, they begin to love flights only for the fact thatYou can turn off your smartphone with a clear conscience. couple of hours. But what to do to those who can not be seen in the near future? One of the best options to combat dependence on a mobile phone is to sign up for quest. The organizers are sure to ask you to leave the smartphone in a locked locker before you enter the game room. And, believe me, this hour without your favorite smartphone, fly by unnoticed.

Quest - this is a good way to overcome your fears

In psychotherapy, there is such a technique "paradoxical Intention ". It was developed by Austrian psychiatrist Victor Frankl. To get rid of phobia the doctor suggests the patient to put himself in a situation that he is most afraid. From this, a whole direction for combating fears "from the opposite". For example, if you are afraid of spiders, select a quest, in which organizers settled a giant tarantula. An hour in a locked room with such an eerie creature, and from Panic fear of insects will not remain and trace. And if you have long been secretly afraid of maniacs, zombies or aliens, The thematic quest is the best way to shake yourself and overcome these phobias. What the doctor prescribed!

Quest - the most exciting exercise for the development of memory and attention

Recently, the Internet has become very popular various techniques for improving memory and attention. Games with cards turning, exercise for memorization - all this can now be found online and engaged in any time and anywhere. But any tasks and cards can be annoying early. The whether it is a matter of quests. They will "shake" your brains and make you use your attention and logic to the fullest, without any need to repeat a thousand times one and also.

Quest Is the opportunity to get acquainted with the latest technical innovations

In Russia quests are very rivalenvironment, and therefore The latest technical innovations appear there almost before thematic information sites. It is necessary for the creators to attract something to themselves advanced guests who have bypassed dozens of rooms. Perhaps, it is quests you will draw interesting ideas for the house. Do not hesitate to ask administrator, which firm code lock hung on the treasure box and how work magnets in the puzzle.

Quest - an excellent platform for a thematic photo shoot

A few years ago photo shoots in the style of fantasy were at the height of fashion, and now specifically go to the photo studio to capture himself in the form of a magician or stalker - mauvais. Yes, and the quality of the scenery in the studio, sometimes, leaves much to be desired - in the most favorable case you will have only 3-4 back plans, and you pay for renting a studio and props you exactly as much as per game. So if you want to do really cool photomography - go to the thematic quest. For the same money, you do not just get a few good photos with props, but also have fun, guessing puzzles. The main thing is to ask the organizers in advance if they can be photographed directly in the scenery of the quest - some of them forbid shooting inside rooms to keep intrigue for future guests.